Advanced Prearranged and Precautionary Air Conditioning Care


With the large investment required with all air conditioning systems, especially in larger businesses, factories, schools and hospitals, it is wise to consider the best way to ensure your system is running at its optimum. The question is what is the best way of doing this? There are many companies that supply and install a vast array of different models that can be used in small businesses and shop. In addition there are industrial models suited to schools and factories etc. There is no doubt that if you are running one of the models suited for larger applications, then maintenance is of a prime consideration, and must be thought about in advance.

Thoughts on the Maintenance of Air Conditioning Units

Regular HVAC Maintenance is a must for all larger installations and is the greatest way to safeguard trouble-free running of your air conditioning installation. Pre-season maintenance is a highly necessary to ensure that you circumvent the majority of system failures. This is most important in severe weather conditions, which of course is when you require air conditioning the most. Naturally, this will also reduce your energy consumption, therefore lowering overall costs.

Maintenance and Operations

The design is only as good as its implementation. Neglecting poorly chosen components and not fully understanding the systems being used and can cause increased problems in the best air conditioning systems. Professional operations and maintenance procedures can improve energy costs by around 20% and improve occupant comfort, in addition. The systems can only be measured by their optimum performances and as the technology evolves, the performance may even be improved in the future.

Maintenance Schedules

These are important documents that should be looked after. These give instructions on cleaning ducts, replacing filters and other parts of the units. Performance tests should be done every three months at least, if not monthly. Many building systems are able to provide up to the minute data on temperature, humidity and energy consumption. Keeping the filters clean or even replacing them if necessary is an important factor in keeping energy consumption low and ensuring the best of indoor air quality. The ducts are another major concern; these must be kept free of mould, dust and other contaminants. They should also be checked for any leaks in addition which can cause large energy losses.

Final Considerations

If wanting the best in air quality, with a work environment where people will remain at their peak throughout the day or for longer periods. Perhaps you are looking to incorporate these into hotels, hospitals or schools (particularly boarding) these units and their maintenance will be a prime concern for your business. If you are in a hotel your customers will love you for hard work. How many times have you stayed in a hotel that smells of mould? This would not very pleasant, for your guests or you. If you are in the hospitality industry you need to look after your customers, so that they return in the future.

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