Mid-range Smartphones with Durable Battery Life

One of the biggest quirks we can have as consumers is our meticulous attention to detail before purchasing a smartphone. We go through the entire list of features and specifications: from the RAM size to the processor. However, we often ignore one important component — the battery life of a smartphone. How often have we had to rush to a nearby socket to charge our mobile phone? It isn’t always possible either; most of us are constantly on the move, which makes it extremely important to choose a smartphone that comes with a good battery backup.

While flagship smartphones usually come with a good battery capacity, even mid-range smartphones now come with long-lasting batteries. Considering the fact that the smartphone brands are now offering feature-rich phones at pocket-friendly prices, we can now find smartphones that come with excellent battery life.

If you are thinking about buying a new smartphone, we have curated a list of mid-range smartphones that come with durable battery life.

1. Xiaomi Poco X2

The Poco X2 smartphone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G SoC, and comes with an exquisite 6.67-inch IPS LCD display with 120Hz refresh rate. Coming to its features and specs, the smartphone boasts a 6GB RAM, a quad-rear camera setup with a stunning 64MP primary camera with LED flash, and a dual-front camera setup with a 20MP front camera.

Xiaomi also equips its smartphones with long-lasting batteries, and Poco X2 houses a 4,500mAh battery that supports fast charging, ensuring that your smartphone does not run out of battery for hours. All these features make the Poco X2 one of the best smartphone under 25000. So for those who are looking for the best phones under this price segment, this phone can be the perfect choice for them

2. Samsung Galaxy M31

Samsung’s smartphones are known for their impressive designs and their long-lasting batteries, and Samsung Galaxy M31 is no different. This smartphone is powered by the Samsung Exynos 9 octa-core processor, and packs 6GB RAM. With a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, it is yet another stunning smartphone that is offered at a pocket-friendly price. This Samsung smartphone also sports a 6,000mAh battery with fast charging, and costs less than Rs. 20,000.

3. Realme 5i

Realme has already carved a place for itself in the Indian smartphone market, offering feature-rich phones at affordable prices. One of their most popular offerings is the Realme 5i smartphone, which sports a 6.5-inch IPS LCD display, and 60Hz refresh rate. This mobile is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset, and comes with 4GB RAM. The smartphone also houses a powerful 5,000mAh non-removable battery, assuring you of its long-lasting usage, while the battery also supports reverse charging, enabling you to charge other devices using your smartphone!

4. Samsung Galaxy M21

Priced just under Rs. 15,000, the Samsung Galaxy M21 is one of the best smartphones under 25,000 INR, and is powered by the Samsung Exynos 9 octa-core processor. This smartphone comes with impressive features and specs, such as a 4GB RAM, 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, a triple-rear camera setup with 48MP primary camera, and a 20MP front camera.

One of its best features however is its 6,000mAh battery capacity with fast charging, which ensures that you do not have to worry about the 6000mah battery mobile running out of charge when you’re on the move. It can be the perfect for them who just wanna charge once and wanna forget about the worries of charging phones often.

5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

Xiaomi is currently the most popular smartphone brand in the country, and for a good reason. The Redmi Note 9 Pro is yet another impressive smartphone from the house of Xiaomi, and comes with a plethora of impressive features and excellent battery life. Redmi Note 9 Pro comes with a quad shooter configuration at the back, with a 48MP primary camera, along with 8MP wide lens, 5MP macro lens and a 2MP sensor. The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC, and sports a 5,020mAh battery that supports fast charging. Thus, the smartphone operates for a long time on a single charge, enabling you to go about your work without any worries.


Choose the Right Storage Containers Before Moving

The first thing you need to find when you decide to relocate is a storage container. Moving will be more convenient if you use these containers. They come in different sizes and materials. After identifying the things you need to bring with you, it’s time to put them inside the containers safely.

Look for quality containers

Although cardboard boxes are easier to find, they’re not necessarily the best containers. They easily get wet and damaged. If you have fragile items to keep, you need to avoid using them. Look for high-quality containers such as plastic boxes. They’re sturdy and can hold a lot of items. You can also reuse these boxes.

Stack the boxes properly

It also matters how you stack the boxes in the moving truck. If you partner with a moving company, the staff already knows how to store the containers to avoid damage during the trip. Check if the heavier items are on the bottom and the lighter ones on the top. During the trip, the heavy items could put too much stress on the ones below and break the containers. Fragile items should also be on the bottom so that if there is movement, they won’t break.

Label the boxes

Once you arrive at your new home, you don’t want to spend several hours looking for the things you need. It helps if you label every box and identify the items found inside. It’s unlikely that you will remember everything given how busy you were during the whole process.

Fill in the gaps

To avoid the movement of the things stored inside the boxes, you can fill the gaps. Use towels, linens, and used paper to keep the items stable. You should also group items of the same shape and size to prevent gaps.

Throw away everything you don’t need

You can’t bring everything with you. Some items have to go. Identify which of them are unnecessary, and don’t include them in the storage containers. You can rent a dumpster in Fort Lauderdale if you reside in the area. The rental company will drop the dumpster at your place on the identified date. You have a day or more to fill the container. Once you’re ready, you can request the removal of the dumpster.

The good thing is that you know that your trash could still be useful. The dumpster rental company will partner with recycling centers to determine which items are still recyclable.

If you don’t want to throw all of them in a dumpster, you can hold a garage sale before leaving. You may also donate items to charity. These things are no longer useful for you, but they could mean a lot to other people. Besides, you plan to start over again in a new place. You don’t need the unnecessary burden with you. Determine the items you consider essential and pack them in the right containers. Gradually unbox them upon arrival at your new home.



Useful tips – how to maintain a self balancing scooter

A hoverboard is a great idea as an alternative to travel if you want to have fun and use a simple and smart built device. Now you got a hoverboard smart balance wheel, how do you take care of it?

Taking care of your hoverboard doesn’t mean only to clean it regularly. You need to pay close attention to the battery. It is indeed the first component that will show signs of wear. To maintain the autonomy of the vehicle, it is recommended to wait until the battery is completely discharged before charging it. A high-quality hoverboard, from Smart Balance, has an original battery, manufactured by Samsung or LG and offers you the guarantee of correct and long-lasting functionality.

Hoverboard devices are not designed to go downstairs or to be used on acrobatic tricks. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to extend the life of the hoverboard. By doing the right choice, you can buy a model that has 24 months warranty for the product and 6 months for the battery.

If you want to enjoy your hoverboard as much as possible, follow these simple tips:

1:Don’t forget to recharge it after each use

Batteries are discharged by use, even the best quality batteries, containing Lithium. A good reflex that you need to master is to recharge it after each use. This is very simple because a battery that remains uncharged does not let you enjoy the device. Charging is a simple operation since for full changing you need only 2-3 hours.

2:Complete a full charge cycle when possible

Yes, it’s all about the battery. It is recommended when you have the possibility, to discharge completely the battery discharge until it is totally empty. Then recharge it. Full charge cycles extend the life of the hoverboard battery, even for branded batteries such as Samsung, LG, or Panasonic.

3:Keep your hoverboard dry

Even if your model may run on rough terrain, it is important to store it dry after use in a place away from rain, moisture, and dust.

4:Do not force it and do not use it for acrobatic movements

If you are tempted by the idea that you can jump with the board, the hoverboard is not designed for that. This device has very sensitive gyroscopic sensors and the electrical part can be damaged if subjected to shocks. Even when going down a sidewalk at full speed, it may break its plastic case.

5:Do not use abrasive solvents to clean the device

An abrasive detergent can simply discolor it. And you spent so much time choosing the right color, isn’t it? So use soap and water and everything will be fine.

6:Use only the original charger provided in the box to charge the battery

Each charger is adapted to his own battery. The battery is set to the correct voltage and current level. If you connect another charger that is not suitable for the battery, even if the battery is charging, it will be damaged and you will not be able to use it on the hoverboard. It is not recommended to use any other charger, but only the one supplied with the hoverboard in the original box. Charging it on another system, even a car charger, will reduce battery life.


Tips and Tricks for Shopping Fashion Products Online

Shopping online has its own benefits and every user has a different shopping experience when it comes to buying fashion products. Whether you are about to purchase a crop top for your next event or are simply in the mood to try some earrings, you have to shop safely by considering different things. Firstly, an online shop is not your regular mall shop or street shop. So, basically you can’t try the products to judge how they will look or how good they are in quality. But there are certain tips and tricks that will help you in shopping fashion products online in an effective way.

Cross Check the Size Charts

Don’t just go for the Small, Medium, Large tags mentioned on the front page. Rather go for the proper size chart that is mentioned somewhere on the website. Accurately measure yourself and then check that the product you want to order is available in your proper match or not. It will help you purchase the right product.

Check the Customer Reviews

Before you buy any product, you should check the customer reviews online on Google or on that website. It will help you in getting the clear image of the actual quality of the product. You can directly search for the product name and brand on the search engines or on Quora and you will be presented with the real reviews.

Buy Combo Products

To avail maximum discounts, you can buy the products in combos. Try to shop during special occasions and festivals. You can order a fashion product like an earring along with a silver rakhi online on Raksha Bandhan to receive maximum discount or a bracelet along with a dress on Friendship Day, etc.

Install Price Comparison Tools

There are multiple websites that sell the same products at different prices. While you might only visit a single website generally for your purchases, this tool will come handy. You can install this tool to get the real time price comparison of the same product. This will help you in buying the product at the lowest price possible.

Thoroughly Read Exchange and Return Policies

As you obviously can’t visit the physical store to return the product due to its bad quality or any other issue, you should pay attention to the return and exchange policies. If you are not sure about the quality of the product, then buy only if it has a return policy. In case of size issues, the exchange policy will work fine for you. But do read it thoroughly!

So, these were some tips and tricks while buying fashion products online. Your shopping experience will surely enhance and improve by paying proper attention to the points mentioned above. Follow these simple tips and tricks and keep them in mind the next time you go for shopping online. Leave us a thanks once you find it really helpful and useful in the online shopping scenario. Happy shopping!


Electric Bikes At Best Price in India

Motorcycles tend to lure a lot of young buyers, for they offer good performance, stylish looks, predictable dynamics and decent fuel economy as well. However, what’s left to be seen is if buyers to take to the concept of a fully-electric motorcycle for slightly more money. We shortlist some of the best deals you can get.

1) Ultraviolette F77

Price: ₹3.0 – 3.25 lakh

In terms of styling, the Ultraviolette F77 is a very radical-looking motorcycle with that diamond-shaped headlamp, full fairing with lots of geometrical shapes, a sculpted fuel tank and a sleek tail section. Power comes from a 25kW motor that makes 33bhp and 90Nm of torque with all the power being sent to the rear wheel through an X-ring chain drive. The bike also features light-weight, high-density lithium-ion battery packs. 0-100kph comes up in 7.5 seconds and the bike manages a top speed of 147kph. The bike gets three riding modes: Eco, Pro and Insane. Connected tech can be accessed via an Android and iOS smartphone app. The IP67-rated lithium-ion batteries are removable. On a single charge, the bike can cover a range of 130-150kms. With the help of a fast charger, the batteries will be topped up in just 1.5 hours. You also get a portable 3kW powerbank that charges the batteries up to 80% in 50 minutes. The F77 features a USD fork up-front and a pre-load adjustable monoshock-absorber at the rear.

2) Revolt RV 300

Price: ₹1.11 lakh

Power comes from a 1.5kW hub-mounted motor, and the bike manages to cover a better range than the Revolt RV 400 at 180kms on a single charge. In Normal mode, it can do 110kms, while 180kms is possible in Sport mode. The bike can reach a top speed of 65kph. Adjustable foot pegs are not offered on the RV 300. The bike comes with a battery warranty that lasts for 8 years or 1.5 lakh kms along with free maintenance benefits up to 30,000kms, product warranty and free insurance. The RV 300 has a short wheelbase and a slimmer rear tyre compared to the RV400, and is also smaller than the aforementioned. Design-wise, the RV300 sports a, LED DRL headlight, smooth lines and a sculpted tank, giving it a rather sporty stance. It also comes with riding modes that help better performance and throttle response. The ride quality is somewhere between being sporty and comfortable. Some vibrations can be felt from the motor.

3) Revolt RV 400

Price: ₹1.29 lakh

The RV 400 is powered by a 3kW fame-mounted motor that produces 50Nm of torque. Inside the tank lies a 3.24kW lithium-ion battery that allows it to travel a range of 156kms. The Revolt mobile app comes standard on the bike and allows to user to start the motor, check trip history and track the location of the bike. It uses a bolt-on subframe, a USD fork, disc brakes and a monoshock-absorber. Also, it comes with a regular 15A plug with a charging cable that can be connected to the bike or the battery. Your riding pattern and user real-time range can be tracked with the help of the artificial intelligence function. The RV 400 looks like the RV 300 except for a few subtle differences. An artificial exhaust note can be activated by clicking on a button on the switchgear. In terms of features, it is equipped with keyless-start function and a black-and-white instrument display.

With the current crop of electric motorcycles available, there is a very restricted choice, but what you get at the price range are motorcycles that deliver the best bang for your buck. The electric two-wheeler fraternity has just started growing, and within the next five years and more, we’re sure there will be a lot to choose from. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming bikes, only at autoX.


Best Sites like Solarmovie for watching movies online

Solarmovie is the free movie streaming website, designed especially for those people who love to watch latest movies online for free. Solarmovie website contains a great collection of latest and top-rated movies. The latest TV series is also available on the homepage of this website. Movies and TV shows of different genres like action, comedy, adventure, thriller, Romance, and War are available on the homepage of this website.  Due to the great collection of movies and good quality of videos, solarmovie become the most popular website among viewers as compare to any other website like solarmovie. Besides all of these, due to some issues, the ISP’S of most of the countries blocked this website completely. As the website is down from the internet, the question is which another website is used for watching movies and TV shows online. Its answer is very easy, you can try some other movie sites like solarmovie website as an alternative.

Solarmovie Mirror sites

There are a lot of websites like solarmovie. These websites are almost the same in their functions. All of these websites provide good stuff of entertainment to their viewers. You can try anyone from these mirror websites if the solarmovie website is not available.

solarmoviez.ru Mirror)

Is Solarmovie Down?

Solarmovie not working? This is the only question of solarmovie website users and they want to know the answer to it. Solarmovie website is the most streaming website that contains a great collection of latest movies and TV series. From the past few times, the solarmovie website is not responding well. If you also want to know the answer to the question is solarmovie down? Then I make it easy for you. Yes, now a day’s solarmovie website is down from the internet. Due to some issues, the ISP’S of most of the countries blocked this website completely. As Solarmovie not working, then you can try some alternative websites and enjoy your favorite movies and TV Series online.

Top Solarmovies Alternatives

There are also top movie streaming websites available other than Solarmovie. All of these websites are almost similar in their functions. So, if the solarmovie website is not available in your country then, you can try other movie sites like the solarmovie website as solarmovie alternatives.


Cmovies is the best movie streaming website. The homepage of this website is designed beautifully. Movies and TV Shows of the genre like Action, Horror, War, Adventure, Mystery, Comedy, and Romance are available on this website. But you have to log in to this website to get better results. This website shows you the list of featured series and latest movies. This is the best site like solarmovie. You can also request to upload your favorite movie or TV Series on their homepage.


Vudu is also a top free website like solarmovie. This website allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV Shows online for free.  This website also allows you to search for your favorite movie and TV Shows. The homepage of this website is well designed. If you are in search of websites like solarmovie must try this one. You can also watch the list of featured films and Popular TV shows on their homepage. Vudu is completely free to use and you can find your favorite stuff here.


Yidio is also a popular movie site like solarmovie. You can search for your favorite shows on this website. This website contains a list of Trending and popular TV Shows and Movies. One more positive side of this website is that you can also watch live shows for free on this website. Sign up option is also available on their home page. You can also watch this website as a solar movie alternative.


Another most popular website for watching movies online for free is YesMovies. Great content of movies and TV shows available on this website. YesMovies have a well-designed homepage on which most popular TV Series and latest Movies are uploaded. If solarmovie is down in your country and you are looking for some movie sites like solarmovie then try this website once.


FMovies website allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV Shows online for free. The search option is also available where you can search for your favorite movies and TV Shows by name. You have to log in to this website if you want better results. The website is free for use and all the content available on this website is of full HD Quality. One downside of this website is that this site contains ads. If you want some solar movies alternative website you can also choose this one.

Movie Watcher

Another most popular website like solarmovie is Movie Watcher. Movies and TV Shows with full HD Quality are available on this website. All new and trending TV Shows and Movies are available on their homepage. This website is completely safe for use. All you need to do is to sign up on this website and enjoy your favorite TV Shows and Movies.


If you are looking for Solarmovie alternatives, you must try the Vumoo website. This website is almost similar to the Solarmovie website. The homepage of this website contains a huge collection of movies and TV Shows. The website is totally free. You can also search for your favorite stuff by its name in the search option. Trending and latest movies are available on this website with full HD Quality. THE latest TV Shows with the latest episodes are also available on the homepage of this website. If you want to try the best movie site like solarmovie you give this website one chance.

Popular FAQs Regarding SolarMovie

Is SolarMovie legal? Is it safe to use? These two points are big questions for every user of the solarmovie website. If you are conscious about the safety of your data then it’s important for you to know two things about that website which are Is it safe to use? And is it legal or not.

No, the SolarMovie website is not a safe website. If you want to use this website for watching movies and TV Shows online then first secure your device to keep your data safe. Solarmovie is also not a legal website. So, before using this website, make sure that your personal data is safe.

Final Thoughts

Solar movie websites and other websites like solar movies are the same in their functions. If the solarmovie website is not available in your region then you must try these websites as an alternative. Latest Movies and Latest TV Shows all are available to their homepage. Stuff available on all these websites is of HD Quality. You can try anyone from the list if solarmovie is not working.

Home Improvement Reviews Explores the Best Lighting Options for Your House



An elegant lighting system lights up the house, quite literally. The beauty of your walls, the decor, the drapery all increases manifolds when highlighted by the right lighting. If you take into account the aspects of interior designing, lighting take part an major role in accentuating the elegance and warmth that your house presents. You need to focus on the modern style of lighting if you are decorating or renovating your house. Reviews explores a few ideas of lighting that you may find useful.

The Options

  1. Chandeliers– Lending a magnificent touch to your living room, chandeliers are the piece of lighting from the royal era. If you are skeptical of having them because you do not think your room is big or lavish enough, here is the reason to rethink. In addition to being the perfect centerpiece of your home decor options, they also help to spread the light smoothly all across the room. Choose from the various styles, shapes, and sizes available to infuse radiance in your room.
  2. Skylight– To get a feeling of having natural light into a room, you can try using skylights. These are an innovative scheme of lighting and work well to provide a brightly lit space by day and calm environment at night. It is best to have skylights in the kids’ room to give a cheerful ambience to it. Strategic placing of skylights in penthouses make them appear larger and more attractive.
  3. Fan lights- These are relatively a newer concept wherein a set of lights come attached to the ceiling fans. The idea behind it is to present a smaller version of a chandelier and comes in varied designs and styles. The bulbs of these lights are designed to confront the vibrations of the fan so that they can be used without any hassles.
  4. Bedside lamp– To extend a touch of glamor in your room there is nothing more suitable than a vintage lamp. You can have one in both your living room and bedroom. It exudes a sense of exquisite taste and makes the room appear more inviting and magnificent. They come in metallic or rustic forms and are also available in cane or fiber models.
  5. Floor lamps– To set up a classy vibe with an understated tone it is great to go for floor lamps that impart a distinctive appearance to the room. They can be used to illuminate the entire room or part of it as per your choice and needs. So the next time you want a unique reading nook or a distinguished corner in your room, you can go for floor lamps that will transform the entire space.


Lighting options today do not conform to the old practice of just illuminating the room after sunset. It is an essential part of decor and speaks of your taste. Whether you want to make your room edgy and modern or give it a vintage look, a different set of lighting can make it all happen in an elegant fashion. Reviews feels that proper and adequate lighting arrangement in a room can change the mood instantly and usher in positive vibes with its brightness and glow.


Handy Examines Digital Marketing Services That Will Change Your Company


Digital marketing has dramatically altered how companies interact with customers. Companies, both big and small, now understand the value of the digital universe, using it to maximize their brand awareness. With digital marketing, you can efficiently communicate with your customers and showcase all your products with the click of a button. Here are a few ways Handy thinks digital marketing services will change your company for the better.

The Details

  1. An overabundance of Content- The internet is filled with content, and new ones are added while you’re reading this article. 3.3 million people are posting on Facebook every second, and similar numbers apply for other social media platforms.

Renowned companies are very active on the internet. They showcase their top products, even tease the specifications a few days before release. The goal is to create a demand to welcome the new product.

Even if you’re not innovating new ideas, you can upsell your existing services by giving them increased exposure on the internet. Titan, which is a 112 years old brand, releases numerous images of watches just to overwhelm the buyers and provide them with a variety of options. Content, both visual and written is the bread and butter of digital marketing.

  1. Lightning-fast Communication- With 5G technology hovering over the horizon, communications are predicted to get even faster in the future. Long gone are days of letters and postcards. Communication is critical and is at the forefront of digital marketing.

Customers are bombarded with tons of content throughout the day. They have loads of options to choose from, and it’s your responsibility to jump at the front of the line. Aside from mailing features and contact forms, digital marketing services are also integrating live chat support on a company’s website.

By customizing the chat approach, you can set yourself apart from the competition and possibly increase your online traffic.

  1. Analytics- Data and information have become a core part of the digital marketing strategy. Businesses these days are investing in,

– Experienced personnel who are adept at reading and understanding analytical data.

– The software provides analytical data regarding your overall business growth and performance across different channels.

 In future, these services could become a core aspect of the digital marketing strategy and a critical factor that ensures a steady and revenue growth over the years.

  1. Makes Companies Transparent- Every renowned company has a social media page where they share updates on their latest products, events, services etc.

Every customer will Google your company’s if they are interested in your brand. They want to know more about the companies they interact with, and in order to build loyalty, it is important to you buyers.

The level of transparency depends on your industry. For instance, an IT company may share testimonials or their work performance graph to increase credibility in their respective fields.


In addition to the aforementioned points, there are numerous other ways digital marketing can change your company, such as brand influencers, AI integration, etc. This list provided by Handy lays out future possibilities. Now that you have a brief idea, it’s time to start experimenting with digital marketing.

Home Improvement

An in-depth impact of not having skip bin facilities at your location

Every house-hold has waste that needs to be disposed of daily. People who don’t make use of skip bin services, often find it difficult to take care of the waste on their own. You always can hire expert skip bin services nearby to your location.

You can search for rubbish skip bin for hire nearby to your location and place your request for residential skip bin facilities. Improper disposal of household garbage will lead to unnecessary accumulation of waste near your home.

If you are not hiring these services then it is obvious that you may have to face several negative impacts.

Soil contamination

One of the major issues is the soil contamination, that homeowners have to face for not having access to skip bins. People who take care of their garbage, usually end up dumping it in the landfill area. This leads to unwanted soil contamination.

If left unchecked, it can also lead to several other conditions. Household waste may include plastic bottles, electronic goods, wood cabinets, and leftover food.

Polluted air

The air that we breathe should be purified. Waste that is left untreated may lead to major air pollution. Waste that is allowed to get accumulated in a particular area will get hazardous after some time. It starts smelling foul and is certainly bad for your health.

Electronic components can also contaminate the nearby water source if it is not disposed of perfectly. Skip bin expert services will always ensure that all waste has been perfectly disposed of. They prevent contamination of soil and air.

Contaminated water bodies

Leftover waste from your household can also pollute the nearby water body. It the land has a lot of loose soil then the contamination can also seep deep into the cavities and get mixed with underground water source as well.

The high concentration of chemicals in the water can often be hazardous to your health. In most cases, it can also permanently leave your internal organs damaged. If you hire skip bins, then you can guarantee that the waste will be treated before it has been disposed of.

Most skip bin services often separate all types of waste and then treat it so it can be disposed of easily. The harmful waste will be recycled and not disposed of to the surrounding.

Bad health conditions

Not having access to skip bins can be directly related to major health issues, in the long run. People can face vision-related issues. Some chemical wastes can also cause major skin-related issues. For maintaining safe health conditions it is important to maintain access to skip bin services.

You will find hundreds of these services operating nearby to your area. You have to contact them and request for providing skip bin in your area.

Home Improvement

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Carpets Clean

Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and we couldn’t agree more. The importance of cleanliness around us and our surroundings cannot be stressed enough, and time and again we have been reminded how cleanliness can never be taken for granted.

Now, did you know that carpets are 10 times dirtier than toilet seats? Yes, this is true. Carpets are home to thousands of bacteria and germs, and can be one of the dirtiest areas of your property. Stains, spills, dust and a lot of household activities can result in carpets becoming dirty. Often, people do the cleaning themselves, but it can be a good practice to hire professionals to do carpet cleaning in Canberra for you. Only then you can be assured that the carpets not only look clean but are actually clean and germ free.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why keeping carpets clean is important.

1.Improves Air Quality

Carpets can trap pollen, dust and mold spores. These can then get in the air and float around resulting in a poor air quality in the property. This can also cause allergic reactions in many people, especially children who have asthma.

Infact, indoor pollution has been listed as one of the top five environmental risks to public health since 1990. Cleaning carpets regularly may prevent the pollen and dust from carpets from being airborne resulting in an improved air quality.

2.Keeps bacteria, mites, and germs away

Now, you probably didn’t know, but around 200,000 bacteria live on a typical carpet at home. Carpets are germ breeding grounds and can be dirtier than a toilet seat. Imagine exposing yourself to such an amount of germs and bacteria all day long!

Spills and stains can result in carpets becoming moist which may lead to growth of bacteria or mold. It is important that carpets are kept clean to prevent such growth.

3.Removes stubborn stains

Households with pets and children find it difficult to keep their carpets clean. Stains from spills, food and urine are a common occurrence. Cleaning the carpets regularly can prevent the stains from becoming permanent.

4.Prolongs their life

Carpets that are cleaned regularly look fresh and new throughout the year. It gets easier to maintain them. Clean and germ free carpets last long and give you a good return on your investment.

5.General well-being

Someone rightly said, ‘One who maintains cleanliness, keeps diseases away’. Clean surroundings affect our mood and boost our morale. It gives us a sense of our lives being in control. And, clean carpets are one way of ensuring cleanliness around you.

Clean carpets are good for everyone’s health. Be it you, your kids, your pets or your employees at your workplace. Stay clean, stay safe!