How to Thrive at Your Next Dental Job Interview


Trying to secure one of the many dental jobs that are available through websites can be rather challenging, simply because of the number of applicants that apply for each available job. This means your application can often get lost in the pile, so it is essential in this day and age to do something about this. If you are lucky enough to secure an interview for your chosen position, there are certain things you can do to improve your chances of succeeding.

Ask Plenty of Questions

There is nothing an interviewer hates more than candidates that sit in their chair and don’t ask questions about the position they are applying for. If you do this, you will appear that you are not engaged and interested in taking your interest forward. Asking questions allows your personality to come out, and show a more human side. It can even make the interview process more conversational, and allows you to develop a bond with the interviewer that they are more likely to remember.

Research the Employer

Before you turn up for the interview, make sure you do plenty of research. With the internet, there is so much information online nowadays that you can use to your advantage. For example, if the dental office you are applying for conducts charity work in the local area, show the interviewer that you are aware of their good work and how you’d like to get involved. This goes a long way to creating a good impression, and shows you are generally interested in the employer. The interviewer, as a business, likes to feel important and you can massage their ego by drawing their attention to areas you have noticed in the local press.

Prepare for Scenarios

More than likely, you will be asked to give a response to a particular scenario. The interviewer isn’t necessarily looking for the right answer (although it would help!), they are looking to use your initiative to come up with a solution to the scenario. If you say “I’m not sure”, and don’t give an answer, they will make a quick impression that you can’t use your initiative and you may need a lot of hand holding if you were to take the job.

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