Five Necessary Tips to Follow Before Selling A Mac


Modern-day individuals do have a tendency of purchasing new and stylish gadgets as soon as they hit the market. But what happened to the older devices? Do they store them with fond nostalgia or sell them to get their money back? Well, obviously the choice latter seems more viable.

In the following write-up, I have jotted down certain points that you need to perform prior to selling your mac. Technology is the study of scientific knowledge to produce instruments which is invented for human use. Click here for more information.

Let us take a close look at them as they are mentioned below in brief.

  • Be sure to create an updated backup of all the important files as well as data. You are moving to a new gadget, well and good, but you would certainly not want to lose the previous information.
  • It is necessary to sign out of the iTunes profile. Follow the necessary steps to do so. Open iTunes app from your MacBook àClick on the Menu bar à Clicks on Account à Choose Authorizations à Now De-authorize the gadget. You also have to provide your Apple ID as well as password for proper de-authorization.
  • You also need to sign out of iCloud. In case, you use ‘Find My Mac’ or other sorts of iCloud features; make sure to store all the data in an archive folder. Now perform the following steps. Choose the Apple Menu à Click on System Preferences à Click on iCloud à De-select the ‘Find My Mac’ box. Now move on to sign out of the profile.
  • Are you using ‘OS X Mountain Lion’? If yes, make sure to sign out of iMessage. Click on the Message App à Choose the preferences à Click on Accounts à Click on Sign Out.
  • Now it is time to reformat as well as reinstall the hard drive. As it is quite a difficult and extensive procedure, you may seek professional assistance. After the procedure, the MacBook will display a welcome screen and would ask you to choose your country or region. Now don’t continue with this process rather shut down your Mac. When your new owner would restart the Mac, he would perform the necessary procedures accordingly.

It is necessary to keep the aforementioned pointers at the back of your mind before selling your Mac. Go to this website for detailed information about modern technologies.

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