Electric Bikes At Best Price in India


Motorcycles tend to lure a lot of young buyers, for they offer good performance, stylish looks, predictable dynamics and decent fuel economy as well. However, what’s left to be seen is if buyers to take to the concept of a fully-electric motorcycle for slightly more money. Are you interested to learn more about automobiles? Visit our dedicated website: https://carinsurancequotesnet.org/.

We shortlist some of the best deals you can get.

1) Ultraviolette F77

Price: ₹3.0 – 3.25 lakh

In terms of styling, the Ultraviolette F77 is a very radical-looking motorcycle with that diamond-shaped headlamp, full fairing with lots of geometrical shapes, a sculpted fuel tank and a sleek tail section. Power comes from a 25kW motor that makes 33bhp and 90Nm of torque with all the power being sent to the rear wheel through an X-ring chain drive. The bike also features light-weight, high-density lithium-ion battery packs. 0-100kph comes up in 7.5 seconds and the bike manages a top speed of 147kph. The bike gets three riding modes: Eco, Pro and Insane. Connected tech can be accessed via an Android and iOS smartphone app. The IP67-rated lithium-ion batteries are removable. On a single charge, the bike can cover a range of 130-150kms. With the help of a fast charger, the batteries will be topped up in just 1.5 hours. You also get a portable 3kW powerbank that charges the batteries up to 80% in 50 minutes. The F77 features a USD fork up-front and a pre-load adjustable monoshock-absorber at the rear. Learn more about cars and motorbikes on this website: https://monotukuru.com/.

2) Revolt RV 300

Price: ₹1.11 lakh

Power comes from a 1.5kW hub-mounted motor, and the bike manages to cover a better range than the Revolt RV 400 at 180kms on a single charge. In Normal mode, it can do 110kms, while 180kms is possible in Sport mode. The bike can reach a top speed of 65kph. Adjustable foot pegs are not offered on the RV 300. The bike comes with a battery warranty that lasts for 8 years or 1.5 lakh kms along with free maintenance benefits up to 30,000kms, product warranty and free insurance. The RV 300 has a short wheelbase and a slimmer rear tyre compared to the RV400, and is also smaller than the aforementioned. Design-wise, the RV300 sports a, LED DRL headlight, smooth lines and a sculpted tank, giving it a rather sporty stance. It also comes with riding modes that help better performance and throttle response. The ride quality is somewhere between being sporty and comfortable. Some vibrations can be felt from the motor.

3) Revolt RV 400

Price: ₹1.29 lakh

The RV 400 is powered by a 3kW fame-mounted motor that produces 50Nm of torque. Inside the tank lies a 3.24kW lithium-ion battery that allows it to travel a range of 156kms. The Revolt mobile app comes standard on the bike and allows to user to start the motor, check trip history and track the location of the bike. It uses a bolt-on subframe, a USD fork, disc brakes and a monoshock-absorber. Also, it comes with a regular 15A plug with a charging cable that can be connected to the bike or the battery. Your riding pattern and user real-time range can be tracked with the help of the artificial intelligence function. The RV 400 looks like the RV 300 except for a few subtle differences. An artificial exhaust note can be activated by clicking on a button on the switchgear. In terms of features, it is equipped with keyless-start function and a black-and-white instrument display.

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With the current crop of electric motorcycles available, there is a very restricted choice, but what you get at the price range are motorcycles that deliver the best bang for your buck. The electric two-wheeler fraternity has just started growing, and within the next five years and more, we’re sure there will be a lot to choose from. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming bikes, only at autoX.

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