Useful Tips – How To Maintain A Self Balancing Scooter


A hoverboard is a great idea as an alternative to travel if you want to have fun and use a simple and smart built device. Now you got a hoverboard smart balance wheel, how do you take care of it?

Taking care of your hoverboard doesn’t mean only to clean it regularly. You need to pay close attention to the battery. It is indeed the first component that will show signs of wear. To maintain the autonomy of the vehicle, it is recommended to wait until the battery is completely discharged before charging it. A high-quality hoverboard, from Smart Balance, has an original battery, manufactured by Samsung or LG and offers you the guarantee of correct and long-lasting functionality.

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Hoverboard devices are not designed to go downstairs or to be used on acrobatic tricks. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to extend the life of the hoverboard. By doing the right choice, you can buy a model that has 24 month’s warranty for the product and 6 months for the battery. To read more about the distinctions between a self-balancing hoverboard and a regular hoverboard, visit this website:

If you want to enjoy your hoverboard as much as possible, follow these simple tips:

1: Don’t forget to recharge it after each use

Batteries are discharged by use, even the best quality batteries, containing Lithium. A good reflex that you need to master is to recharge it after each use. This is very simple because a battery that remains uncharged does not let you enjoy the device. Charging is a simple operation since for full changing you need only 2-3 hours.

2: Complete a full charge cycle when possible

Yes, it’s all about the battery. It is recommended when you have the possibility, to discharge completely the battery discharge until it is totally empty. Then recharge it. Full charge cycles extend the life of the hoverboard battery, even for branded batteries such as Samsung, LG, or Panasonic. Learn more about maintaining balance on the scooter and bicycles on this dedicate website:

3: Keep your hoverboard dry

Even if your model may run on rough terrain, it is important to store it dry after use in a place away from rain, moisture, and dust.

4: Do not force it and do not use it for acrobatic movements

If you are tempted by the idea that you can jump with the board, the hoverboard is not designed for that. This device has very sensitive gyroscopic sensors and the electrical part can be damaged if subjected to shocks. Even when going down a sidewalk at full speed, it may break its plastic case.

5: Do not use abrasive solvents to clean the device

An abrasive detergent can simply discolor it. And you spent so much time choosing the right color, isn’t it? So use soap and water and everything will be fine.

6: Use only the original charger provided in the box to charge the battery

Each charger is adapted to his own battery. The battery is set to the correct voltage and current level. If you connect another charger that is not suitable for the battery, even if the battery is charging, it will be damaged and you will not be able to use it on the hoverboard. It is not recommended to use any other charger, but only the one supplied with the hoverboard in the original box. Charging it on another system, even a car charger, will reduce battery life.

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