Singapore Work Passes and Permits That You Should Know


Are you looking forward to working or operating a business in Singapore? The country has clearly outlined work permits and permits both for her citizens and the foreigners. The process of getting one is straightforward although it may involve the use of an authorized agent, especially for foreigners. Visit this website for further details. If you visit the, you can be sure to get such services with ease.  They assist in getting all types of business and work permits and licenses. Below are the various Singapore work passes and permits that you should know.

Professional work permits and passes

Employment pass – People from other outside Singapore who have qualified professionals include managers and business directors. The pass is given to those who earn more than USD 3,600.

Entrepass – This is also a work pass for foreigners with the intention to start their own business in Singapore. The government has clearly outlined all the qualification one must meet and the process to incorporate their business.

Skilled and semi-skilled work permits and passes

Foreign workers work permit – It covers those semi-skilled foreign workers in the manufacturing industry, construction and service industry. They can get the permit through an agent or apply directly through online platforms.

The S pass – the skilled staffs in the mid-level earning range use this pass. One must meet the government outlined criteria together with earning a minimum of $ 2,200 every month.

Performing artiste business permit – any foreign performing artiste targeting entertainment joints like clubs must get this permit before they start their endeavors here in Singapore.

Family members work passes

Any family member of a foreigner who works or has business in Singapore must get a pass if they need to relocate to Singapore. The process is also a straightforward one and can become even easier when using a qualified agent.

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They include the following;

Long-term visit pass – the employment permit and S –pass holders can have their family members join them for a long-term stay in Singapore. This includes a spouse, children, and parents.  A long-term visit pass is required before they can settle in Singapore.

Dependants pass – this only applies to the children and spouses of the workers with a valid employment permit or the S-pass.

A letter of consent –  it is given to those who have a long-term visit pass yet they want to seek work in Singapore. Therefore, this person will rely on the two documents to qualify as a Singapore worker.

Students or internship seekers

Those who wish to pursue their studies or get the Singapore work experience can seek various permits and passes as outline by the Singapore government. The popular ones include the following;

Pass for training employment  – this pass is purely for the professionals who want to train in Singapore. They must earn nothing less than $ 3000 every month.

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Pass for work holiday – student who want to work while taking a holiday in Singapore can qualify after getting this pass. They must be between the age of 18 – 25 years.


The above work permits and passes are not the only ones but the most popular. If you approach an agent, they can advise on the appropriate pass for you.

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