Choose the Right Storage Containers Before Moving

The first thing you need to find when you decide to relocate is a storage container. Moving will be more convenient if you use these containers. They come in different sizes and materials. After identifying the things you need to bring with you, it’s time to put them inside the containers safely.

Look for quality containers

Although cardboard boxes are easier to find, they’re not necessarily the best containers. They easily get wet and damaged. If you have fragile items to keep, you need to avoid using them. Look for high-quality containers such as plastic boxes. They’re sturdy and can hold a lot of items. You can also reuse these boxes.

Stack the boxes properly

It also matters how you stack the boxes in the moving truck. If you partner with a moving company, the staff already knows how to store the containers to avoid damage during the trip. Check if the heavier items are on the bottom and the lighter ones on the top. During the trip, the heavy items could put too much stress on the ones below and break the containers. Fragile items should also be on the bottom so that if there is movement, they won’t break.

Label the boxes

Once you arrive at your new home, you don’t want to spend several hours looking for the things you need. It helps if you label every box and identify the items found inside. It’s unlikely that you will remember everything given how busy you were during the whole process.

Fill in the gaps

To avoid the movement of the things stored inside the boxes, you can fill the gaps. Use towels, linens, and used paper to keep the items stable. You should also group items of the same shape and size to prevent gaps.

Throw away everything you don’t need

You can’t bring everything with you. Some items have to go. Identify which of them are unnecessary, and don’t include them in the storage containers. You can rent a dumpster in Fort Lauderdale if you reside in the area. The rental company will drop the dumpster at your place on the identified date. You have a day or more to fill the container. Once you’re ready, you can request the removal of the dumpster.

The good thing is that you know that your trash could still be useful. The dumpster rental company will partner with recycling centers to determine which items are still recyclable.

If you don’t want to throw all of them in a dumpster, you can hold a garage sale before leaving. You may also donate items to charity. These things are no longer useful for you, but they could mean a lot to other people. Besides, you plan to start over again in a new place. You don’t need the unnecessary burden with you. Determine the items you consider essential and pack them in the right containers. Gradually unbox them upon arrival at your new home.



Handy Examines Digital Marketing Services That Will Change Your Company


Digital marketing has dramatically altered how companies interact with customers. Companies, both big and small, now understand the value of the digital universe, using it to maximize their brand awareness. With digital marketing, you can efficiently communicate with your customers and showcase all your products with the click of a button. Here are a few ways Handy thinks digital marketing services will change your company for the better.

The Details

  1. An overabundance of Content- The internet is filled with content, and new ones are added while you’re reading this article. 3.3 million people are posting on Facebook every second, and similar numbers apply for other social media platforms.

Renowned companies are very active on the internet. They showcase their top products, even tease the specifications a few days before release. The goal is to create a demand to welcome the new product.

Even if you’re not innovating new ideas, you can upsell your existing services by giving them increased exposure on the internet. Titan, which is a 112 years old brand, releases numerous images of watches just to overwhelm the buyers and provide them with a variety of options. Content, both visual and written is the bread and butter of digital marketing.

  1. Lightning-fast Communication- With 5G technology hovering over the horizon, communications are predicted to get even faster in the future. Long gone are days of letters and postcards. Communication is critical and is at the forefront of digital marketing.

Customers are bombarded with tons of content throughout the day. They have loads of options to choose from, and it’s your responsibility to jump at the front of the line. Aside from mailing features and contact forms, digital marketing services are also integrating live chat support on a company’s website.

By customizing the chat approach, you can set yourself apart from the competition and possibly increase your online traffic.

  1. Analytics- Data and information have become a core part of the digital marketing strategy. Businesses these days are investing in,

– Experienced personnel who are adept at reading and understanding analytical data.

– The software provides analytical data regarding your overall business growth and performance across different channels.

 In future, these services could become a core aspect of the digital marketing strategy and a critical factor that ensures a steady and revenue growth over the years.

  1. Makes Companies Transparent- Every renowned company has a social media page where they share updates on their latest products, events, services etc.

Every customer will Google your company’s if they are interested in your brand. They want to know more about the companies they interact with, and in order to build loyalty, it is important to you buyers.

The level of transparency depends on your industry. For instance, an IT company may share testimonials or their work performance graph to increase credibility in their respective fields.


In addition to the aforementioned points, there are numerous other ways digital marketing can change your company, such as brand influencers, AI integration, etc. This list provided by Handy lays out future possibilities. Now that you have a brief idea, it’s time to start experimenting with digital marketing.


Professional Answering Service – How Can Missed Calls Damage Your Business

If you are the owner of a small or large company and believe that missed calls are no big deal, it is time for you to wake up! With the advent of digital communication and its importance for business deals, it is only obvious for you to believe that missing business calls do not hamper your business at all. Social media and email might be preferred over phone calls; however, statistics in the above field have a different story to tell!

Professional answering service – Learn how a missed call can adversely impact your business?

Businesses conduct more than 80% of their communications over the telephone. If you want your customers to be happy, you should answer all their calls. Missing customer calls implies poor quality of customer service, and businesses generally pay heavy prices for this. With the help of professional answering service, you can answer all the calls of your business and boost the popularity of the company. Businesses should be skilled when it comes to offering a personal touch to their customers so that they are happy with the service and spread positive word-of-mouth for your business.

Missed calls adversely impact your relationship with the customer as they reach out for the telephone first when they want to contact you for a query or a complaint. As a business owner, you should never miss any call, as this causes customer frustration. Their issues are left unresolved, and they do not get the resolution they seek from you. Moreover, if you give them a customer service phone number and the call is a missed call, it displays your unprofessional attitude towards them. In this way, you land up losing the customer.

What defines a missed call for your business?

The following defines a missed call for your business-

  1. The customer hangs up after he/she loses interest to call you again.
  2. The customer is immediately put in a queue and is given the offer to be contacted later.
  3. The customer is given the option to leave their message after the call is diverted to a voicemail server.

Customers become irritated and frustrated when they need to reach out to you urgently. Missed calls reduce the productivity of business if you view them from the standpoint of profitability. If the calls are missed, the customer loses patience and often walks away from your service. The sales for your company dips, and in the long run, this trend is detrimental for your business. You should never miss out on any chance to make a sale, as in this way, your business will never thrive in the long run.

When you hire a good professional answering service, you can eliminate the problems listed above. Your customer calls are never missed, and you can improve customer service by getting a competitive edge in the market. When you are searching for a good phone answering service, ensure the company is experienced and professional. It should have positive customer testimonials and market reviews. The agents should be trained in telephone etiquette and help you to make your customers satisfied with their friendly approach, support, and service with success!


Are You Paying Too Much for Couriers?

Running a business is all about keeping your overhead as low as possible as well as maximising your revenue. Keeping your overhead low means big things as well as small steps. Small steps are things like turning lights off, setting the thermostat to a different temperature, and other little tips. Bigger steps involve staff changes, appliance choices, and product materials. However, many people forget one of the biggest expenses: shipping. They forget to factor in how much they are spending on freighting their items to and from their destination. If you are selling trainers, for example, your shipping cost could be a few pounds per pair of trainers. Many people try to attract customers by offering free shipping, but if you are selling hundreds of trainers, you’ll be losing hundreds of pounds in revenue. You need to cut down on those costs as much as possible.

Parcel Services

You need courier services in St. Leonards-On-Sea that are flexible and accommodating, which means they need to pick up your items from you and deliver them to where they need to go. Such services could save you money on each individual pair of trainers because you wouldn’t have to drive them to a dropoff point. In addition to picking up items from your business, the service should be accommodating enough to pick them up from a nominated destination. You can’t always be at your business site, but business in the 21st century is 24/7. You need to be able to designate a pickup spot so you can send goods, even if you’re not present.

Refrigerated Trucks

For selling trainers, you wouldn’t need refrigerated trucks. However, if you were selling food, medicine, or certain kinds of art supplies, you would need a refrigerated truck. Not every parcel service has refrigerated trucks, though. However, if they are a necessity, you can’t choose not to use them for your business.


Five Recession-Proof Cities in the UK

you are launching a new business, location is a key factor. Although a small business might be started up at home, there may come a time when the business expands and you will be seeking business premises. Your location will be important to your customers and involves much more than choosing a suitable office to rent that is close to home.

Some areas in the UK have been hard hit by the recession and they have seen business closures, job losses and falling property prices. While this could be an advantage in terms of office rental costs, it could spell disaster for a business that relies on local trade.

The lucrative South East has always fared well despite the downturn and is a popular location for business start-ups. There are also thriving towns to be found in the North of Britain and in Scotland.

According to Centre for Cities, some cities are in a better place than others to weather the storm when it comes to the recession. Five cities in the UK have been identified as places to help the country with its recovery.

With the exception of London, these cities and towns are less vulnerable to job losses and spending cuts and have some of the best employment prospects in the country.


Bristol ranks amongst the most attractive and successful cities in the UK, with high levels of employment and a higher than average standard of living. The economy is based on sectors such as aerospace, engineering, defence, ICT, electronics and financial services.


Reading, dubbed the Silicon Valley of Europe, has one of the most dynamic economies in the UK. Many major businesses, including Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, Symantec and BG Group, have chosen to set up home in the Reading business park and across the Thames Valley.


Recently voted the best Scottish city to live and work in, Aberdeen has a thriving oil and gas industry, high levels of employment and an abundance of skilled workers..

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes benefits from the growth of the UK solar sector, and there are several German solar companies which have established themselves in the city. Many other major companies are based in Milton Keynes, including Daimler Chrysler, Suzuki and Aston Martin.


Leeds is the second-largest manufacturing city after London and will continue to grow as the demand for British-made goods increases. The city is also a leading centre for business and financial services, a factor which helps to keeps unemployment figures low.

While London will always be a leading business hub, these five cities continue to flourish despite the difficult economic downturn. They enjoy a good standard of living, have large pools of skilled workers and are home to a high number of business start-ups.

If you are looking for the right location to start up your business, these towns could offer great potential for investment without the sky-high costs associated with the capital.


Sell Your Scrap Metals

Whether you plan to have an extension added to your home or are the manager of an entire construction project for a new commercial building, scrap metal is part of the process and will quickly begin to pile up at the site of construction. If you do not take the time to have your scrap metal removed and recycled, you not only miss out on returning some of your material costs, but you risk the health and safety of those working on the project. It is best that you have the material removed and sent to a company which will utilise the metal for recycling in a wide range of ways.


The most immediate reason you benefit from exceptionally low cost scrap metal services in Weston Super Mare is that you receive money back in return for your scraps. This returned cash will help you to even out your expenses and recuperate after any potential delays or added costs that were not originally worked into the plan.


Scrap metal is particularly likely to cause injury at a construction site of any kind if it is allowed to pile up and become obstructive. Metal shavings, especially those produced by machine work, are likely to be exceptionally sharp and may cause anything from a simple cut to a severe injury requiring hospital and medical treatments. This is your chance to not only protect the health of your workers but to remain compliant with health and safety regulations set forth to keep those who do the hard work during construction feeling more peace of mind.


Where to Get Bespoke Engraving Done

Engraving is a common technique used for writing names or creating unique designs on a number of different surfaces. Almost every surface can be engraved upon from wooden surfaces to metallic and even marble surfaces. Bespoke engraving is generally required by different businesses for creating gifts and putting their logos on different items. However, finding the right company for bespoke engraving can be difficult for business owners, especially since they have pricing constraints to worry about as well. Here are a few things that you should know about getting bespoke engraving done from any local company.

Check Out Their Past Work

Before making a decision of going with any company, you have to first check out the work that they have done in the past. How many bespoke engraving projects have they completed in the past and do they have pictures of the types of engravings that they have done? Due to the intricacy of the job, you have to make sure that you get the engraving done from a reputable company. You can search online for different companies that offer bespoke engraving in RH6.


Since you will be getting engraving done regularly from the company, you have to make sure that you get some sort of a discount for being a long-term customer. Negotiate the terms with the company and try to get the price down as much as possible before making a decision to go with any local company for all of your engraved gifts.

Business Travel

Singapore Work Passes and Permits That You Should Know

Are you looking forward to working or operating a business in Singapore? The country has clearly outlined work permits and permits both for her citizens and the foreigners. The process of getting one is straightforward although it may involve the use of an authorized agent, especially for foreigners. If you visit the, you can be sure to get such services with ease.  They assist in getting all types of business and work permits and licenses. Below are the various Singapore work passes and permits that you should know.

Professional work permits and passes

Employment pass – People from other outside Singapore who have qualified professionals include managers and business directors. The pass is given to those who earn more than USD 3,600.

Entrepass – This is also a work pass for foreigners with the intention to start their own business in Singapore. The government has clearly outlined all the qualification one must meet and the process to incorporate their business.

Skilled and semi-skilled work permits and passes

Foreign workers work permit – It covers those semi-skilled foreign workers in the manufacturing industry, construction and service industry. They can get the permit through an agent or apply directly through online platforms.

The S pass – the skilled staffs in the mid-level earning range use this pass. One must meet the government outlined criteria together with earning a minimum of $ 2,200 every month.

Performing artiste business permit – any foreign performing artiste targeting entertainment joints like clubs must get this permit before they start their endeavors here in Singapore.

Family members work passes

Any family member of a foreigner who works or has business in Singapore must get a pass if they need to relocate to Singapore. The process is also a straightforward one and can become even easier when using a qualified agent. They include the following;

Long-term visit pass – the employment permit and S –pass holders can have their family members join them for a long-term stay in Singapore. This includes a spouse, children, and parents.  A long-term visit pass is required before they can settle in Singapore.

Dependants pass – this only applies to the children and spouses of the workers with a valid employment permit or the S-pass.

A letter of consent –  it is given to those who have a long-term visit pass yet they want to seek work in Singapore. Therefore, this person will rely on the two documents to qualify as a Singapore worker.

Students or internship seekers

Those who wish to pursue their studies or get the Singapore work experience can seek various permits and passes as outline by the Singapore government. The popular ones include the following;

Pass for training employment  – this pass is purely for the professionals who want to train in Singapore. They must earn nothing less than $ 3000 every month.

Pass for work holiday – student who want to work while taking a holiday in Singapore can qualify after getting this pass. They must be between the age of 18 – 25 years.


The above work permits and passes are not the only ones but the most popular. If you approach an agent, they can advise on the appropriate pass for you.