Handy Provides You with Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat in a Month


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A slim waistline is desired by both genders but shedding that belly fat in a short period of time is nothing short of a challenge. Handy believes that when you set a goal of losing belly fat quickly within a month, you shouldn’t give in to the tempting myth of “spot reduction”. Hundreds of crunches a day would make your ab muscles incredibly strong but won’t burn off the belly fat. Fat is lost through all parts of your body and thus, you need to lose weight to shed those pounds at your belly

The Exercises

Here are some exercises that will help you lose belly fat in a month:

  1. Intermittent fasting – Your body tries very hard to hang on to fat and intermittent fasting tries to change that. It is a different way of eating where you are either in a “fasted” state and “fed” state. When you are in a fed state your insulin levels stay high, but in a fasted state, your insulin level goes down and the body uses reserves of fat.

The Catch? Well, it takes a while to get into that fasted state, around 8 to 12 hours after our last meal. However, as research shows it does bring results if you just make this change and nothing else to your exercise routine. Some studies show that fasting may even decrease the risks of cancer or cardiovascular disease.

  1. HIIT three days a week – HIIT or High-intensity interval training combines high-intensity intervals with moderate intensity intervals. It is a more effective form of cardio where you bully your body for tapping into your fat reserves instead of conserving it. Some studies even show that people in the HIIT regimen lost around 9 times fatter than those who indulged in moderate cardio at a constant pace.

But bullying your body isn’t an easy job. You can’t slack off on bicep curls while you check up on Twitter, running around a curve can’t be slowed down and there is no such thing as slow pedaling. Yes, it isn’t going to be strawberries and rainbows, but will reward you with a slimmer tummy and reduced body fat percentage.

  1. Strength Training – Having fat or muscle is a vicious cycle. People with more muscle mass naturally burn more calories while more fat means lower calories burned. With strength training, you should focus on building your muscles. It would burn more fat and you would be surprised as your fat burns off slowly to reveal the muscles underneath.


It also makes you feel better and gives you confidence naturally. You can opt to go to the gym, do bodyweight exercises, or just set up a small home gym with your own setup.

Now that you know the secrets to quickly lose fat, you should make a routine, diet plan, and stick to it while being honest with yourself. Handy believes that you should also keep yourself accountable to someone else to increase the stakes. Follow all the steps so that you can get a narrow down your waist within a month.

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