Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re on a Holiday


Home security is a lot easier when you’re actually at home to secure it. Things become a lot more intense when you think about your entire home, filled with everything you have, empty while you’re going on holiday!

An empty house is a bigger target than one that’s got people living in it! That’s because it’s a lot easier to rob a house no one’s defending! However, this doesn’t mean that you just can’t go on holiday anymore. You just have to take a few extra steps to make sure that your home will be just fine in your absence!

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Don’t worry if you can’t think of ways to secure your home while you’re away, because in this post, we’re going to be talking about 5 of the best ways you can do it!

1. Get strong locks on your doors, and actually use them

One of the best ways to secure your home, even on regular days when you are home, is by getting strong, anti-snap locks installed on all of the main entry points. If you’re not sure about which locks you already have on your doors, call over a Locksmith in Birmingham, or in your local area and have them inspect all of your locks to ensure that each door is an appropriate lock. Although the best approach is to have super strong locks on all of your doors, even if you just get strong enough locks on the entry points, your home would be much safer with or without your presence than it would’ve been without them!

2. Move all the main valuables from the home

Even with strong locks, it’s a good idea to move all the valuables away from your home and lock them up in a bank’s locker, or at a house of someone you trust instead. These won’t just be your jewelry and other expensive items, but also things like your important papers, social security numbers, and anything else that could be used to steal your identity too. Having made sure of this contingency is a great way to have some added peace of mind while you’re gone! And, all of your things will be safe and secure from any and all threats!

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3. Have someone pick up your mail

Nothing says “This house is empty” like a bunch of mail collecting on your porch. If thieves are scouting your area, a house that visibly looks empty, it’s far more likely to become a target. A good idea is to have someone you trust, pick up your mail every day, or cancel your subscriptions so no mail arrives at your door at all! It’ll make your home a lot more secure against an attack!

4. Install a few smart lights

Another great way to make it look like the house isn’t actually empty, is by making sure that the house looks like there’s someone inside! Sure, you might think that just leaving a few lights on through the house would achieve that, but random lights being on throughout day and night, just look suspicious. Instead, install a few smart lights in the rooms that face the windows to the outside. Set them on a timer or just use your phone to periodically turn them off and on! It’s a much more convincing way of making it look like someone’s living there than just having lights on the whole time!

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5. Get a security system

Finally, an overall great way of making your home extra secure, is by installing a security system. This doesn’t have to be super fancy, a few cameras on the outside and a couple inside would do the trick! That way, even if you’re not physically present, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the house remotely! Which is a lot safer than just “hoping for the best!”

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