Lawn Aeration 101: The Why, The When, And The How


When it comes to aeration, it is a process that involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow free circulation of air, nutrients, and water. Aeration allows c more comfortable and effective circulation of water, air, and ingredients penetration to the roots of the grass. With aeration, the grassroots can thrive with deep roots with a robust lawn. Aerating is done with the primary objective of alleviating soil compaction. Compacted soil offers a poor circulation of air, water, and nutrients in the soil, which is not suitable for a healthy lawn.

Why perform lawn aeration?

Before you ask yourself a question, is there yard aeration near me? Many reasons will prove that lawn aeration is the way to go. Some of the factors that contribute to soil compaction that every household cannot do away with include the following:

  • Using your playground as a playground for the children or a racetrack while exercising
  • Where the lawn was established together with a newly constructed home.
  • Where your lawn is dying so quickly accompanied by a spongy feel.
  • If your lawn was established by sod accompanied by soil layering, there is much soil drainage disruption causing compaction.

With the above unavoidable circumstances, there is always a reason to perform lawn aeration.

When to perform lawn aeration

The best time to perform lawn aeration is in the spring season, mostly for warm-season grasses after the thwarting of the soil. In most cases, when the grass is growing, it is the best time for soil thwarting because the grass will be able to heal and fill the areas where the soil plugs are removed during aeration. With a cool grass aerating during the early spring or fall and for warm-season grass, the most appropriate time is in the late spring.

How to perform the aeration

Before getting into the lawn for aeration, you need to choose between a spike aerator and a plug aerator, which are the two main aerating tools. With the plug aerator, you will be able to remove grass and soil from the lawn. To get the best results, opt for an aeration tool that will only go for the soil. For an aerating machine, the preferred should be able to remove soil plugs approximately 3 inches deep and 0.75 inches in diameter, and 3 inches apart. The machines can be rented from the lawn services providers, where you will also have an option to give the job to them.

After understanding that your lawn is in need for aeration, follow the following steps for the best results:

  • Before embarking on the process, ensure that the grass is moist enough to avoid the frustration of dry soil. Prefer aerating a day after a rain shower or after watering the lawn.
  • With most aeration covering a small percentage of soil surface per pass, ensure multiple passes on the most compacted areas. These passes will save your energy and time because you will leave the unaffected areas alone.
  • To give your lawn a clean and a uniform appearance, allow the excavated soil plugs to dry up and break them up. You can break them down with the use of a lawnmower or back of the rake.
  • After the aeration, always ensure that you continue giving your lawn care practices, which include watering, mowing, and application of fertilizer.

Aeration is an essential practice to your lawn, which is beneficial towards the goals of having a beautiful lawn. Many people are mostly unaware of the process and the work involved in realizing a quality lawn. Always create time for taking care of your lawn or continue asking yourself about yard aeration near me for the services.

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