Matthew Davies Discusses Things You Should Never Do at the Gym


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Fitness mandates discipline, persistence, and dedication that helps you get into your desired shape for a healthy and confident lifestyle. Check out our website to learn more about your fitness goals and tips to stay fit. However, there are a few people who can ruin the gym experience for both themselves and their peers. Matthew Davies discusses some of the unspoken rules that can help you from annoying your fellow fitness freaks at the gym.

The Rules

  1. Unsolicited advice is frowned upon – You don’t want to be the guy that goes up to the others to share knowledge with random strangers at the gym. If no one asked for it, you may tick someone the wrong way. If it’s in the middle of their routine it can also be quite distracting and ruin their posture or intensity. Moreover, everyone may not be open to suggestions and have a detailed plan of their own.

Things get really awkward of the person giving advice is in worse shape than the person on the receiving end of it. It may attract frowns and eye rolls from not just one person, but the whole gym.

  1. More HIITs and fewer tweets – Your phone is one of the most advanced inventions that show human ingenuity and has affected millions of lives throughout the planet. But it has extremely limited use when you are at the gym. Other than streaming your music via earphones or reminding you of the present day’s workout routine, it doesn’t have much use.

When you spend most of your time browsing through social media instead of working on your fitness while at the gym, it can distract other people as well. Moreover, you lose workout intensity and get fewer benefits out of your expensive gym membership. Just turn on “Do not Disturb” mode on your phone so that you can make the most of your time at the gym.

  1. Carry a sanitizing liquid – Before you use any bench or mat at the gym, don’t forget to give it a good wipe after spraying some sanitizing liquid. Sweat is as common as air at any gym and many people may not be kind enough to clean mats and benches after using them. Don’t forget to do your part either and clean the bench and mats after use.
  1. Stay away from personal spaces – Personal Space is extremely important at the gym. Not just for social norms and etiquettes, but safety as well. You need to stay away from the personal spaces of other gym members while they are lifting weights or doing exercises. If you are too close you may injure others or yourself.


Gyms are like libraries or any other public space where you dedicate yourself to becoming a better version of yourself. Matthew Davies suggests that you respect the unspoken rules of these places so that you can get the most out of that place while not getting in the way of others.

These fundamental rules are just as important as advanced diets and exercise plans since they make for a respectful and safe gym environment. The website has further information on diets and exercise plans benefits. Check out!

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