Ways to Make Yourself Become More Physically Attractive


It’s important to first note that physical attraction is entirely subjective. Some may try to explain physical attraction with quantifiable concepts (like symmetry of the face), or beauty trends (like a super puffy pout), but the truth is that physical attraction isn’t the product of a single look. While there are extreme options available to augment appearance through surgeries, and these surgeries are priceless for their ability to help heal victims of accidents and those who wish or need to change certain birth defects, most of us are blessed with functioning bodies, and all of these bodies are uniquely beautiful!

That being said, I can still totally understand wanting to do some self-sprucing up, wanting to look our personal best, and wanting to feel confident and attractive. Sometimes there’s even an excitement and empowerment that comes along with the resolution to make positive changes for ourselves, and in my experience, that is one serious, natural, happy addiction.

When we feel better, we look better. So, naturally, a lot of what we can do to make ourselves become more physically attractive has to do with taking care of ourselves. Our mood and perspective are even bigger influencers on our “level of attraction” than the physical attributes that we feel self-conscious about. It’s no coincidence that wellness and the health and beauty markets are all expanding at record-setting rates. Note the rise in mental health awareness, increased therapy attendance, more holistic ideologies in the mainstream, and even a push towards organic and cleaner foods and food sources that have successfully altered grocery shopping and public dining experiences.

Our society is collectively making the act of taking care of our bodies and minds a priority again, and these steps towards wellness have a major impact on our physical appearance—for the way better.

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The three fastest, easiest, most prevalent tips for increasing physical attractiveness are: drink enough water, get enough sleep, and decrease junk food intake. Everything from the shininess of our hair to the amount of acne on our skin revolves around these three major habits. Our bodies are truly excellent at ridding themselves of toxins that can cause hundreds of negative physical effects, from sluggishness to wrinkles. Since we generally associate looking physically attractive with looking healthy and fresh (in whatever style that may be), the way we care for our bodies makes a difference.

Maintaining or rejuvenating a youthful glow and a radiant complexion, for example, depend primarily on the three tips above: eating greasy junk food helps clog pores and bloat us; not sleeping enough creates a dull tone and discoloration, especially around the eyes; and sticking to sugary drinks and avoiding water is also bad for our external and internal system, as sugar can wreak havoc on our diet and skin, while water is critical for processing and removing toxins of all kinds from the body.

There’s a reason why the top recommendations for getting better when we are ill is to drink water and get rest, too. If you are struggling with your sleep patterns, trying relaxation techniques or a calming sleep mask.


Choosing to treat our bodies well, nourish them with enough vitamins and healthy energy, and to give them the tools they need to function at peak performance will certainly make us more physically attractive. Eliminating other habits that influence our appearance, like smoking and drinking, is also a fail-safe way to look more attractive—not due to any personal judgment about the habits, but simply because these things age us prematurely and make it exceedingly harder for our bodies to do their ‘thang.

We can also bump up the heat by sticking to a regular exercise regimen. Even if you start small, you will be fully guaranteed to feel a difference in your physical and mental health. Maybe you’re not at a place right now where you can dedicate an hour a day to the gym, but don’t let that convince you that even a small effort won’t help. Our bodies are designed for movement, and when we engage with those natural aspects of who we are, we feel more sexy, confident, and capable. As mentioned much earlier, mood and perspective outweigh whatever shortcomings we think we have physically; a confident attitude is like a whole new skin.


You can do small things throughout your day to help improve this confidence. For one, make it a point to check in with yourself about your posture every 30 minutes or so. If you are sitting at a desk a lot, be sure that you are avoiding hunching; stretch your chest muscles and draw your shoulders away from your ears. Are you still sitting in this relatively upright position by the next 30-minute check?

The same little mental game can be played to help better our standing posture, as well. When we slouch or round our backs, we look less lean, less confident, and less attractive. These humps and bumps can even become obvious and permanent in time, so practice standing up tall. A cliché phrase like “he wears his look so well” exists as a product of good, confident interactions and posture, no matter what. Most of us can remember meeting someone and being inspired by their shameless individuality, and we find them attractive no matter what; everyone has access to this superpower, but some of us may have to build it with effort over time, and for others, it may come more naturally.

If you need help jump-starting your inner-confidence and self-belief, don’t forget to treat yourself. Get a professional haircut (not necessarily a wild or life-changing one but a well-polished one that makes you feel like yourself). Wear clothing that makes you feel good! Whether it’s hand-me-downs, a shopping spree, or mixing and matching your current wardrobe differently, try to wear something you feel physically attractive in. You can also de-stress with a massage or while trying a fun face or hair mask.

General hygiene is another key area to give regular practice and attention to. Maintain your oral cleanliness by brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash if necessary. Clean your body often, wash your hair as often as necessary depending on style and texture, and wear a complimentary deodorant.

Groom your facial hair, including eyebrows. If you really want to step up your game, adapt a great skincare routine, and no matter what, moisturize. Ashy, dull-looking skin will be helped through water intake but harmed by regular water exposure, so our bodies can still often use some hydrating help. This is especially true in colder and drier environments. You can also buff away any unwanted stretch marks while you moisturize through the use of a great stretch mark cream.

Most of all, practice being your biggest friend and fan. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally like you would someone you truly love and care for, and you will be looking smokin’ hot in no time!

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