Handy Provides You with Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat in a Month


A slim waistline is desired by both genders but shedding that belly fat in a short period of time is nothing short of a challenge. Handy believes that when you set a goal of losing belly fat quickly within a month, you shouldn’t give in to the tempting myth of “spot reduction. Hundreds of crunches a day would make your ab muscles incredibly strong but won’t burn off the belly fat. Fat is lost through all parts of your body and thus, you need to lose weight to shed those pounds at your belly

The Exercises

Here are some exercises that will help you lose belly fat in a month:

  1. Intermittent fasting – Your body tries very hard to hang on to fat and intermittent fasting tries to change that. It is a different way of eating where you are either in a “fasted” state and “fed” state. When you are in a fed state your insulin levels stay high, but in a fasted state, your insulin level goes down and the body uses reserves of fat.

The Catch? Well, it takes a while to get into that fasted state, around 8 to 12 hours after our last meal. However, as research shows it does bring results if you just make this change and nothing else to your exercise routine. Some studies show that fasting may even decrease the risks of cancer or cardiovascular disease.

  1. HIIT three days a week – HIIT or High-intensity interval training combines high-intensity intervals with moderate intensity intervals. It is a more effective form of cardio where you bully your body for tapping into your fat reserves instead of conserving it. Some studies even show that people in the HIIT regimen lost around 9 times fatter than those who indulged in moderate cardio at a constant pace.

But bullying your body isn’t an easy job. You can’t slack off on bicep curls while you check up on Twitter, running around a curve can’t be slowed down and there is no such thing as slow pedaling. Yes, it isn’t going to be strawberries and rainbows, but will reward you with a slimmer tummy and reduced body fat percentage.

  1. Strength Training – Having fat or muscle is a vicious cycle. People with more muscle mass naturally burn more calories while more fat means lower calories burned. With strength training, you should focus on building your muscles. It would burn more fat and you would be surprised as your fat burns off slowly to reveal the muscles underneath.


It also makes you feel better and gives you confidence naturally. You can opt to go to the gym, do bodyweight exercises, or just set up a small home gym with your own setup.

Now that you know the secrets to quickly lose fat, you should make a routine, diet plan, and stick to it while being honest with yourself. Handy believes that you should also keep yourself accountable to someone else to increase the stakes. Follow all the steps so that you can get a narrow down your waist within a month.


Ways to Make Yourself Become More Physically Attractive

It’s important to first note that physical attraction is entirely subjective. Some may try to explain physical attraction with quantifiable concepts (like symmetry of the face), or beauty trends (like a super puffy pout), but the truth is that physical attraction isn’t the product of a single look. While there are extreme options available to augment appearance through surgeries, and these surgeries are priceless for their ability to help heal victims of accidents and those who wish or need to change certain birth defects, most of us are blessed with functioning bodies, and all of these bodies are uniquely beautiful!

That being said, I can still totally understand wanting to do some self-sprucing up, wanting to look our personal best, and wanting to feel confident and attractive. Sometimes there’s even an excitement and empowerment that comes along with the resolution to make positive changes for ourselves, and in my experience, that is one serious, natural, happy addiction.

When we feel better, we look better. So, naturally, a lot of what we can do to make ourselves become more physically attractive has to do with taking care of ourselves. Our mood and perspective are even bigger influencers on our “level of attraction” than the physical attributes that we feel self-conscious about. It’s no coincidence that wellness and the health and beauty markets are all expanding at record-setting rates. Note the rise in mental health awareness, increased therapy attendance, more holistic ideologies in the mainstream, and even a push towards organic and cleaner foods and food sources that have successfully altered grocery shopping and public dining experiences.

Our society is collectively making the act of taking care of our bodies and minds a priority again, and these steps towards wellness have a major impact on our physical appearance—for the way better.


The three fastest, easiest, most prevalent tips for increasing physical attractiveness are: drink enough water, get enough sleep, and decrease junk food intake. Everything from the shininess of our hair to the amount of acne on our skin revolves around these three major habits. Our bodies are truly excellent at ridding themselves of toxins that can cause hundreds of negative physical effects, from sluggishness to wrinkles. Since we generally associate looking physically attractive with looking healthy and fresh (in whatever style that may be), the way we care for our bodies makes a difference.

Maintaining or rejuvenating a youthful glow and a radiant complexion, for example, depend primarily on the three tips above: eating greasy junk food helps clog pores and bloat us; not sleeping enough creates a dull tone and discoloration, especially around the eyes; and sticking to sugary drinks and avoiding water is also bad for our external and internal system, as sugar can wreak havoc on our diet and skin, while water is critical for processing and removing toxins of all kinds from the body.

There’s a reason why the top recommendations for getting better when we are ill is to drink water and get rest, too. If you are struggling with your sleep patterns, trying relaxation techniques or a calming sleep mask.


Choosing to treat our bodies well, nourish them with enough vitamins and healthy energy, and to give them the tools they need to function at peak performance will certainly make us more physically attractive. Eliminating other habits that influence our appearance, like smoking and drinking, is also a fail-safe way to look more attractive—not due to any personal judgment about the habits, but simply because these things age us prematurely and make it exceedingly harder for our bodies to do their ‘thang.

We can also bump up the heat by sticking to a regular exercise regimen. Even if you start small, you will be fully guaranteed to feel a difference in your physical and mental health. Maybe you’re not at a place right now where you can dedicate an hour a day to the gym, but don’t let that convince you that even a small effort won’t help. Our bodies are designed for movement, and when we engage with those natural aspects of who we are, we feel more sexy, confident, and capable. As mentioned much earlier, mood and perspective outweigh whatever shortcomings we think we have physically; a confident attitude is like a whole new skin.


You can do small things throughout your day to help improve this confidence. For one, make it a point to check in with yourself about your posture every 30 minutes or so. If you are sitting at a desk a lot, be sure that you are avoiding hunching; stretch your chest muscles and draw your shoulders away from your ears. Are you still sitting in this relatively upright position by the next 30-minute check?

The same little mental game can be played to help better our standing posture, as well. When we slouch or round our backs, we look less lean, less confident, and less attractive. These humps and bumps can even become obvious and permanent in time, so practice standing up tall. A cliché phrase like “he wears his look so well” exists as a product of good, confident interactions and posture, no matter what. Most of us can remember meeting someone and being inspired by their shameless individuality, and we find them attractive no matter what; everyone has access to this superpower, but some of us may have to build it with effort over time, and for others, it may come more naturally.

If you need help jump-starting your inner-confidence and self-belief, don’t forget to treat yourself. Get a professional haircut (not necessarily a wild or life-changing one but a well-polished one that makes you feel like yourself). Wear clothing that makes you feel good! Whether it’s hand-me-downs, a shopping spree, or mixing and matching your current wardrobe differently, try to wear something you feel physically attractive in. You can also de-stress with a massage or while trying a fun face or hair mask.

General hygiene is another key area to give regular practice and attention to. Maintain your oral cleanliness by brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash if necessary. Clean your body often, wash your hair as often as necessary depending on style and texture, and wear a complimentary deodorant.

Groom your facial hair, including eyebrows. If you really want to step up your game, adapt a great skincare routine, and no matter what, moisturize. Ashy, dull-looking skin will be helped through water intake but harmed by regular water exposure, so our bodies can still often use some hydrating help. This is especially true in colder and drier environments. You can also buff away any unwanted stretch marks while you moisturize through the use of a great stretch mark cream.

Most of all, practice being your biggest friend and fan. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally like you would someone you truly love and care for, and you will be looking smokin’ hot in no time!

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Home Improvement

How to Buy a Pull-Down Bed

Finding a bed that is comfortable and meets your needs is really not that difficult. However, beds are available in a number of different styles and designs, and numerous materials are used for building the bed frame. Wooden and wrought iron bed frames are the most popular materials used for making bed frames. However, if you have limited space in the room, you might not want to buy a full-sized bed. Instead, you can go for more innovate, space-saving solutions, such as a pull-down bed.

As the name suggests, a pull-down bed can be easily pulled down from a frame in the walls. Once you wake up in the morning, you can simply retract the bed back into the wall frame, which clears a lot of space in the room. These are multi-functional beds and are a great choice for people who have smaller bedrooms. You can buy a pull down bed in Wakefield from a number of different places. Due to a surge in popularity, these beds are now available at virtually all popular furniture stores. However, if you are planning on buying a pull-down bed for yourself, here are a few tips to help you buy the bed.


Pull-down beds are available in a number of different sizes. You can buy a smaller sized bed if you live alone, or if you live with a partner, you should consider investing in a queen or a king sized bed. The frame will be fitted into the wall, and you can even get shelves fitted on either side of the bed for additional storage space. Before you buy any pull-down bed, you should first measure the space available on the wall for fitting the bed in. Then, talk to the salesman to get the dimensions of the bed. If you are buying a pull-down bed online, you should check the product description to find out the measurements for the bed.


As you can imagine, fixing a pull-down bed is not going to be easy. Many local furniture stores that sell pull-down beds also offer installation. The frame will be fitted into the walls and screwed into place to ensure the frame is fixed into place. The hinges will then be screwed in to allow free movement of the bed. The technician will show you how to pull the bed down and then lock it into place when you pull it up. New pull-down beds come under warranty of at least a year, so if there’s any problem with your pull-down bed, you can contact the manufacturer and ask them to send over a maintenance team to repair the issue.


Only the Best Will Do

Your home is your most precious investment, so you certainly do not want to trust the process of securing a suitable mortgage with just anyone. By making the important decision to contact a professional to advise and guide you through the process, you will be better positioned to choose a home that you can afford and be comfortable with. The process begins with research and the consideration of a suitable mortgage broker. These are the individuals tasked with getting you the terms of the loan that you can be happy with, and ensuring that you do not purchase a home that ends up being out of your budget.

Securing the Right Home Loan

Buying a home, or another type of property is certain an exciting endeavour. The emotions and feelings that such a process evokes are those of jubilation and glee. That excitement can quickly turn to disappointment, however, if the wrong people or businesses are hired to handle the important aspects of the process for you. It is important to consider only the best mortgage brokers to work on securing a home loan for you. It is difficult, if not treacherous, to consider embarking on the journey alone. In addition, the process can be frustrating, and consume a great deal of your time. So, to secure the home loan that is right for you, a professional and honest broker should be retained.

What a Professional Mortgage Broker Can Do for You

In addition to saving you a bundle of time, money, and frustration, mortgage brokers can help secure almost any finance related aspect of the property buying process. It is important to note that a mortgage broker is there to work directly for you and on your behalf. They do not represent the lender; rather, they go to bat for you directly and work to get you the best possible deal given your situation. Many choosing a mortgage broker will be purchasing their first home, but brokers can also help with securing loans for a second home, for an investment property, or even refinancing an existing home. In short, taking the time now to find a professional that you can trust will ensure that you have someone working on your behalf into the future whenever your needs call for a home or property loan.

Do your own research and find a mortgage broker that you feel best fits your unique situation, and one that comes highly recommended as a person of integrity. In doing so, consider someone who will truly listen to what you need, reply promptly and honestly to your questions, and will take the time to get you the information you need. A mortgage broker should also not be focused on dealing with only one particular lender, but should be willing to shop around for the best loan options with lenders located across the country. In this way, the mortgage broker that you choose will truly find a way to save you the most money possible, making the home of your dreams that much more affordable.

Home Improvement

Advanced Prearranged and Precautionary Air Conditioning Care

With the large investment required with all air conditioning systems, especially in larger businesses, factories, schools and hospitals, it is wise to consider the best way to ensure your system is running at its optimum. The question is what is the best way of doing this? There are many companies that supply and install a vast array of different models that can be used in small businesses and shop. In addition there are industrial models suited to schools and factories etc. There is no doubt that if you are running one of the models suited for larger applications, then maintenance is of a prime consideration, and must be thought about in advance.

Thoughts on the Maintenance of Air Conditioning Units

Regular HVAC Maintenance is a must for all larger installations and is the greatest way to safeguard trouble-free running of your air conditioning installation. Pre-season maintenance is a highly necessary to ensure that you circumvent the majority of system failures. This is most important in severe weather conditions, which of course is when you require air conditioning the most. Naturally, this will also reduce your energy consumption, therefore lowering overall costs.

Maintenance and Operations

The design is only as good as its implementation. Neglecting poorly chosen components and not fully understanding the systems being used and can cause increased problems in the best air conditioning systems. Professional operations and maintenance procedures can improve energy costs by around 20% and improve occupant comfort, in addition. The systems can only be measured by their optimum performances and as the technology evolves, the performance may even be improved in the future.

Maintenance Schedules

These are important documents that should be looked after. These give instructions on cleaning ducts, replacing filters and other parts of the units. Performance tests should be done every three months at least, if not monthly. Many building systems are able to provide up to the minute data on temperature, humidity and energy consumption. Keeping the filters clean or even replacing them if necessary is an important factor in keeping energy consumption low and ensuring the best of indoor air quality. The ducts are another major concern; these must be kept free of mould, dust and other contaminants. They should also be checked for any leaks in addition which can cause large energy losses.

Final Considerations

If wanting the best in air quality, with a work environment where people will remain at their peak throughout the day or for longer periods. Perhaps you are looking to incorporate these into hotels, hospitals or schools (particularly boarding) these units and their maintenance will be a prime concern for your business. If you are in a hotel your customers will love you for hard work. How many times have you stayed in a hotel that smells of mould?  This would not very pleasant, for your guests or you. If you are in the hospitality industry you need to look after your customers, so that they return in the future.


Are You Paying Too Much for Couriers?

Running a business is all about keeping your overhead as low as possible as well as maximising your revenue. Keeping your overhead low means big things as well as small steps. Small steps are things like turning lights off, setting the thermostat to a different temperature, and other little tips. Bigger steps involve staff changes, appliance choices, and product materials. However, many people forget one of the biggest expenses: shipping. They forget to factor in how much they are spending on freighting their items to and from their destination. If you are selling trainers, for example, your shipping cost could be a few pounds per pair of trainers. Many people try to attract customers by offering free shipping, but if you are selling hundreds of trainers, you’ll be losing hundreds of pounds in revenue. You need to cut down on those costs as much as possible.

Parcel Services

You need courier services in St. Leonards-On-Sea that are flexible and accommodating, which means they need to pick up your items from you and deliver them to where they need to go. Such services could save you money on each individual pair of trainers because you wouldn’t have to drive them to a dropoff point. In addition to picking up items from your business, the service should be accommodating enough to pick them up from a nominated destination. You can’t always be at your business site, but business in the 21st century is 24/7. You need to be able to designate a pickup spot so you can send goods, even if you’re not present.

Refrigerated Trucks

For selling trainers, you wouldn’t need refrigerated trucks. However, if you were selling food, medicine, or certain kinds of art supplies, you would need a refrigerated truck. Not every parcel service has refrigerated trucks, though. However, if they are a necessity, you can’t choose not to use them for your business.


Five Necessary Tips to Follow Before Selling A Mac

Modern-day individuals do have a tendency of purchasing new and stylish gadgets as soon as they hit the market. But what happened to the older devices? Do they store them with fond nostalgia or sell them to get their money back? Well, obviously the choice latter seems more viable.

In the following write-up, I have jotted down certain points that you need to perform prior to selling your mac. Let us take a close look at them as they are mentioned below in brief.

  • Be sure to create an updated backup of all the important files as well as data. You are moving to a new gadget, well and good, but you would certainly not want to lose the previous information.
  • It is necessary to sign out of the iTunes profile. Follow the necessary steps to do so. Open iTunes app from your MacBook àClick on the Menu bar à Clicks on Account à Choose Authorizations à Now De-authorize the gadget. You also have to provide your Apple ID as well as password for proper de-authorization.
  • You also need to sign out of iCloud. In case, you use ‘Find My Mac’ or other sorts of iCloud features; make sure to store all the data in an archive folder. Now perform the following steps. Choose the Apple Menu à Click on System Preferences à Click on iCloud à De-select the ‘Find My Mac’ box. Now move on to sign out of the profile.
  • Are you using ‘OS X Mountain Lion’? If yes, make sure to sign out of iMessage. Click on the Message App à Choose the preferences à Click on Accounts à Click on Sign Out.
  • Now it is time to reformat as well as reinstall the hard drive. As it is quite a difficult and extensive procedure, you may seek professional assistance. After the procedure, the MacBook will display a welcome screen and would ask you to choose your country or region. Now don’t continue with this process rather shut down your Mac. When your new owner would restart the Mac, he would perform the necessary procedures accordingly.

It is necessary to keep the aforementioned pointers at the back of your mind before selling your Mac


Five Recession-Proof Cities in the UK

you are launching a new business, location is a key factor. Although a small business might be started up at home, there may come a time when the business expands and you will be seeking business premises. Your location will be important to your customers and involves much more than choosing a suitable office to rent that is close to home.

Some areas in the UK have been hard hit by the recession and they have seen business closures, job losses and falling property prices. While this could be an advantage in terms of office rental costs, it could spell disaster for a business that relies on local trade.

The lucrative South East has always fared well despite the downturn and is a popular location for business start-ups. There are also thriving towns to be found in the North of Britain and in Scotland.

According to Centre for Cities, some cities are in a better place than others to weather the storm when it comes to the recession. Five cities in the UK have been identified as places to help the country with its recovery.

With the exception of London, these cities and towns are less vulnerable to job losses and spending cuts and have some of the best employment prospects in the country.


Bristol ranks amongst the most attractive and successful cities in the UK, with high levels of employment and a higher than average standard of living. The economy is based on sectors such as aerospace, engineering, defence, ICT, electronics and financial services.


Reading, dubbed the Silicon Valley of Europe, has one of the most dynamic economies in the UK. Many major businesses, including Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, Symantec and BG Group, have chosen to set up home in the Reading business park and across the Thames Valley.


Recently voted the best Scottish city to live and work in, Aberdeen has a thriving oil and gas industry, high levels of employment and an abundance of skilled workers..

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes benefits from the growth of the UK solar sector, and there are several German solar companies which have established themselves in the city. Many other major companies are based in Milton Keynes, including Daimler Chrysler, Suzuki and Aston Martin.


Leeds is the second-largest manufacturing city after London and will continue to grow as the demand for British-made goods increases. The city is also a leading centre for business and financial services, a factor which helps to keeps unemployment figures low.

While London will always be a leading business hub, these five cities continue to flourish despite the difficult economic downturn. They enjoy a good standard of living, have large pools of skilled workers and are home to a high number of business start-ups.

If you are looking for the right location to start up your business, these towns could offer great potential for investment without the sky-high costs associated with the capital.


Sell Your Scrap Metals

Whether you plan to have an extension added to your home or are the manager of an entire construction project for a new commercial building, scrap metal is part of the process and will quickly begin to pile up at the site of construction. If you do not take the time to have your scrap metal removed and recycled, you not only miss out on returning some of your material costs, but you risk the health and safety of those working on the project. It is best that you have the material removed and sent to a company which will utilise the metal for recycling in a wide range of ways.


The most immediate reason you benefit from exceptionally low cost scrap metal services in Weston Super Mare is that you receive money back in return for your scraps. This returned cash will help you to even out your expenses and recuperate after any potential delays or added costs that were not originally worked into the plan.


Scrap metal is particularly likely to cause injury at a construction site of any kind if it is allowed to pile up and become obstructive. Metal shavings, especially those produced by machine work, are likely to be exceptionally sharp and may cause anything from a simple cut to a severe injury requiring hospital and medical treatments. This is your chance to not only protect the health of your workers but to remain compliant with health and safety regulations set forth to keep those who do the hard work during construction feeling more peace of mind.


Where to Get Bespoke Engraving Done

Engraving is a common technique used for writing names or creating unique designs on a number of different surfaces. Almost every surface can be engraved upon from wooden surfaces to metallic and even marble surfaces. Bespoke engraving is generally required by different businesses for creating gifts and putting their logos on different items. However, finding the right company for bespoke engraving can be difficult for business owners, especially since they have pricing constraints to worry about as well. Here are a few things that you should know about getting bespoke engraving done from any local company.

Check Out Their Past Work

Before making a decision of going with any company, you have to first check out the work that they have done in the past. How many bespoke engraving projects have they completed in the past and do they have pictures of the types of engravings that they have done? Due to the intricacy of the job, you have to make sure that you get the engraving done from a reputable company. You can search online for different companies that offer bespoke engraving in RH6.


Since you will be getting engraving done regularly from the company, you have to make sure that you get some sort of a discount for being a long-term customer. Negotiate the terms with the company and try to get the price down as much as possible before making a decision to go with any local company for all of your engraved gifts.