Enjoy The Serenity Of The Lakes Of Bhopal


Are you planning a trip to Bhopal? If yes, then congratulations! You are indeed going to have a fabulous time to enjoy the greenery and the natural beauty of this beautiful city. Known otherwise as the ‘City of Lakes’, Bhopal has more than 17 major lakes strewn all around the city. Lakes are one of the major tourist attractions of this city! If you want to know more about Parks, Adventure, and Air Travel, check out the website: https://forrealbeachresort.com/.

After deciding your place of interest for your vacation, make sure you choose the right hotel for your accommodation as well. You can always look up the hotels online including Noor Us Sabah hotel Bhopal tariff in order to book your accommodation in Bhopal. Here are some of the most beautiful lakes of Bhopal that are a must visit for you. Don’t miss them by any means!

  • Upper Lake: The oldest manmade lake of our country, this lake was built by Raja Bhoj in the 11st century. Spread over a large area, this lake along with the Lower lake works as the lifeline of the city of Bhopal. The lake is beautiful, well-managed and offers boating facilities to the tourists and the adventure enthusiasts. Do visit this lake.
  • Lower Lake: Lower Lake is situated at the east of the Upper Lake. This lake was built much later, in the 18thBoth the Upper and Lower lakes are connected by an over bridge. Here you will get the boating facilities as well. Also, don’t forget to check out the mesmerizing sunset sitting on the banks of lower lake. It is worth on every aspect. The two lakes are surrounded by beautiful Kamla garden. Do drop by this garden as well.
  • Sarangpani Lake: Another beautiful lake located at the Gandhinagar, Bhopal. This lake is surrounded by exquisite greenery. Set against a background which will sooth your nerves with its calming atmosphere, the Sarangpani lake will offer you solitude. Also, check out the garden that surround this lake. You will have a great time wandering in here.
  • Shahpura Lake: Another beautiful lake of Bhopal, Shahpura Lake will mesmerize you the moment you witness it. This beautiful lake has long served as one of the major tourist attractions of Bhopal for years. Well managed and well-decorated, this lake along with the beautiful park surrounding it is something you should not miss on your Bhopal trip.
  • Mullah Sarovar: Located beside Baraktullah University, HabibGanj, this is another lake of Bhopal worth mentioning. Do visit this lake while you set your foot to discover the city of Bhopal.

The lakes serve as the central lifeline of the city of Bhopal. The Upper and Lower lakes provide exciting water sports that is famous throughout the country. Most of the lakes are well managed and all of them are much famous amongst tourists. If you’re looking for a good resource to help plan your next trip, check out this https://cabriworld.net/.

So, don’t wait up anymore! Pack your bags and check the hotels online. You will get substantial information on internet for hotel India Bhopal. Have a grand tour ahead in the Lake City of Madhya Pradesh! All the best to you!

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