6 Easy Tricks To Keep Your Car Cool During Summer Season

While driving your car in the summer season, have you ever felt like sitting inside an oven? When it is too hot outside (around 50°C), your car obviously feels like a heating equipment, roasting you up to the core.

Not just this, extreme temperature can also harm the car’s condition. The car batteries and tyres get damaged when exposed to very high temperatures. Therefore it is advised to buy car insurance to keep the uncertain monetary losses in control.

Now as you may know, the temperature is changing and you are soon going to experience scorching summer weather. So, don’t you think you must look out for ways to keep your car cool during summer? Yes, it is possible. Irrespective of the temperature outside, you can manage to keep your car’s temperature cooler using a few techniques, as mentioned below –

  1. Window Visor Or Sunshade

One of the most effective ways to keep your car cool is to use a sunshade or window visor. Whenever you leave your car in the parking lot, cover all the windows with a sunshade. This will avoid building an oppressive cloud heat inside the car.

  1. Look For a Shady Parking Area

If you are going to leave your car under the blazing sun for a long period of time, it is wise to look for a shady parking area. This will minimize the effect of hot temperature on the car. If possible, park your car in a garage.

  1. Seat Cooling Cushion

These days, you can easily find a range of products that claim to be very effective in keeping the car’s temperature cooler than the actual temperature outside the car. One of these products is a seat-cooling cushion that keeps the seat cool, owing to its auto cooling water storage system. It also provides complete comfort to the driver and reduces stress, arising due to prolonged driving.

  1. Solar-Powered Fan

Despite staying under the sun for an extended period of time, your car can still feel cool with the help of a solar-powered fan. These fans extract the heat inside the car and promote good ventilation. When paired with a cracked window, the results can be more effective.

  1. Use Blankets

Leather and vinyl seat covers can get very hot in extreme summer temperature. Therefore, it is advised to cover the seats with blankets whenever you leave the car under the scorching sun. When you return, you can enjoy a comfortable ride without feeling the pain of ‘hot’ seats.

  1. Open Windows and Doors

Before entering a heated car, switch on your car’s AC on full mode and open all the windows and doors of your car. This will let the heat inside the car to escape. While this is under progress, do not sit in your car as the heat fumes are not healthy and you may fall sick.

So, now you know that you can actually keep your car cool in summers. Follow these techniques and do get a car insurance cover for 360-degree protection assurance.


Exploring Central New South Wales, Australia

Some of the wildest 4WD and camping areas are found in Central New South Wales. A little further out of Sydney on the edge of our 300km (long weekend range), there is generally less visitors, therefore greater opportunities for more secluded camping. The terrain encountered in Central New South Wales is varied and often spectacular. Much of the 4WDing trails and camping areas are in hilly regions, densely forested in parts interspersed with plenty of rich farmland.  In the higher, subalpine regions you can expect snow at times in winter and hot days in summer, especially in lower areas.

There are three major national parks located within the Central New South Wales region. Coolah Tops National Park in the northern part is mountainous, featuring snow gums, forests, valleys and snow in winter. Goulburn River National Park lies a little south of Coolah Tops and is incorporated in the North West corner of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Abercrombie National Park is further south still and features some exciting 4WDing and camping options. Natural wonders abound throughout the region with a bewildering array of plants and animals. Brewarrina and Broken Hill offer hunters the opportunity of a lifetime in spectacular big game hunts. There you’re sure to find plenty of guns, AR-15 rifles, AR-10 rifles, sometimes even AK 47 rifles. Two of the most exciting highlights to visit, being the Garden of Stone and the Glow Worm Tunnel. Natural attractions aside, the local Aboriginal people have occupied the region for thousands of years with examples of their presence evident throughout Central New South Wales. There are plenty of European historic interest, especially around the old gold mining country near Bathurst, Sofala and Hill End. Other towns of great interest to the visitor is Goulburn, Oberon, Mudgee and Coolah, with the coal mining center of Lithgow just on the eastern boundary bordering the Blue Mountains.

Northern section

There are several towns in the northern section, which are close to Coolah Tops National Park and Goulburn River National Park. Mudgee, founded in 1838 is set along the Cudgegong River in a wide fertile valley. Wine growing and farming are the major industries. There are lots of national trust buildings around the town, the Catholic presbytery being the oldest (1852).

Central Section

Bathurst Region

Bathurst is well known as the home of the annual V8s 1000km car race around the Mount Panorama circuit. However long before cars, it was gold that bought prospectors in there thousands to the region. Long before cars, Governor Macquarie crossed the Blue Mountains in 1815 and found a patch of land for Bathurst, arguably Australia’s oldest inland city. The plains west of the Great Divide became rich pastoral country. Some grand buildings of the Victorian ere stand in testament to Bathurst’s wealth gained from farming and gold.

Two towns near Bathurst really capture the spirit of gold mining history. Sofala is a tiny old gold town, founded in 1851. With a population of around 200 today, it is hard to believe that a gold rush once attracted thousands of hopeful prospectors. Some historic buildings still remain along the banks of the picturesque Turon River. For film buffs, two movies were made in town, The Cars That Ate Paris and Sirens.

Hill End had its brief glory in gold mining during the early 1870s. Evidence of the town’s rich gold heritage is everywhere with its historic buildings. For anybody remotely interested in Australia’s mining history, take an easy self-guided walk trail around Hill End. Look out for places painted by famous Australian artist, Russell Drysdale. Other walk trails take you through scenic Bushland with plenty of old mining activity still in evidence today. Due to old mine shafts in the area, it is advisable to stay on marked trails. Gold panning tours are popular with tourists around Hill End.

Southern Section


Goulburn with a population of 21,500 people is the major centre in the southern section of the Central New South Wales part of this book. Founded in 1833, Goulburn features many historic buildings. Goulburn courthouse, built in 1887, is one of the city’s finest buildings. In celebration of the rich pastoral industry in the region, Goulburn is the home of the world’s largest sheep made of concrete, the Big Merino.


Taralga is a tiny village of about 300 people situated in the Southern Tablelands about 45km north of Goulburn and about 1.5hours drive from Canberra. The town serving rich grazing country was quite prosperous. Taralga’s early prosperity is evident today with many well-preserved buildings dating between the 1860s and 1890s. The two pubs in the main street are real classics. Due to its altitude, snow is not an infrequent winter occurrence. Taralga is only 40km from Wombeyan Caves making it a great base.

Kangaroo Valley

This exceptionally pretty valley along the Kangaroo River is located in the Illawarra region, just north of busy Nowra. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the wide range of delights available in the valley. Amongst tall forest, impressive ranges and lush farmlands is the little village of Kangaroo Valley with cafes, restaurants and craft shops and galleries. Of great historic interest is Hampden Bridge, built in 1898. For lovers of nature, the spectacular Moreton National Park is located west of Kangaroo Valley. The 80 meter high Fitzroy Falls is one of several spectacular waterfalls located in Moreton National Park.

You can explore Central New South Wales yourself by using the Hema Explorer Australia app made by Hema Maps. The app provides reliable navigation while exploring remote areas and is available for download on Google or Apple app stores now.

Business Travel

Singapore Work Passes and Permits That You Should Know

Are you looking forward to working or operating a business in Singapore? The country has clearly outlined work permits and permits both for her citizens and the foreigners. The process of getting one is straightforward although it may involve the use of an authorized agent, especially for foreigners. If you visit the, you can be sure to get such services with ease.  They assist in getting all types of business and work permits and licenses. Below are the various Singapore work passes and permits that you should know.

Professional work permits and passes

Employment pass – People from other outside Singapore who have qualified professionals include managers and business directors. The pass is given to those who earn more than USD 3,600.

Entrepass – This is also a work pass for foreigners with the intention to start their own business in Singapore. The government has clearly outlined all the qualification one must meet and the process to incorporate their business.

Skilled and semi-skilled work permits and passes

Foreign workers work permit – It covers those semi-skilled foreign workers in the manufacturing industry, construction and service industry. They can get the permit through an agent or apply directly through online platforms.

The S pass – the skilled staffs in the mid-level earning range use this pass. One must meet the government outlined criteria together with earning a minimum of $ 2,200 every month.

Performing artiste business permit – any foreign performing artiste targeting entertainment joints like clubs must get this permit before they start their endeavors here in Singapore.

Family members work passes

Any family member of a foreigner who works or has business in Singapore must get a pass if they need to relocate to Singapore. The process is also a straightforward one and can become even easier when using a qualified agent. They include the following;

Long-term visit pass – the employment permit and S –pass holders can have their family members join them for a long-term stay in Singapore. This includes a spouse, children, and parents.  A long-term visit pass is required before they can settle in Singapore.

Dependants pass – this only applies to the children and spouses of the workers with a valid employment permit or the S-pass.

A letter of consent –  it is given to those who have a long-term visit pass yet they want to seek work in Singapore. Therefore, this person will rely on the two documents to qualify as a Singapore worker.

Students or internship seekers

Those who wish to pursue their studies or get the Singapore work experience can seek various permits and passes as outline by the Singapore government. The popular ones include the following;

Pass for training employment  – this pass is purely for the professionals who want to train in Singapore. They must earn nothing less than $ 3000 every month.

Pass for work holiday – student who want to work while taking a holiday in Singapore can qualify after getting this pass. They must be between the age of 18 – 25 years.


The above work permits and passes are not the only ones but the most popular. If you approach an agent, they can advise on the appropriate pass for you.


Enjoy The Serenity Of The Lakes Of Bhopal

Are you planning a trip to Bhopal? If yes, then congratulations! You are indeed going to have a fabulous time to enjoy the greenery and the natural beauty of this beautiful city. Known otherwise as the ‘City of Lakes’, Bhopal has more than 17 major lakes strewn all around the city. Lakes are one of the major tourist attractions of this city!

After deciding your place of interest for your vacation, make sure you choose the right hotel for your accommodation as well. You can always look up the hotels online including Noor Us Sabah hotel Bhopal tariff in order to book your accommodation in Bhopal. Here are some of the most beautiful lakes of Bhopal that are a must visit for you. Don’t miss them by any means!

  • Upper Lake: The oldest manmade lake of our country, this lake was built by Raja Bhoj in the 11st century. Spread over a large area, this lake along with the Lower lake works as the lifeline of the city of Bhopal. The lake is beautiful, well-managed and offers boating facilities to the tourists and the adventure enthusiasts. Do visit this lake.
  • Lower Lake: Lower Lake is situated at the east of the Upper Lake. This lake was built much later, in the 18thBoth the Upper and Lower lakes are connected by an over bridge. Here you will get the boating facilities as well. Also, don’t forget to check out the mesmerizing sunset sitting on the banks of lower lake. It is worth on every aspect. The two lakes are surrounded by beautiful Kamla garden. Do drop by this garden as well.
  • Sarangpani Lake: Another beautiful lake located at the Gandhinagar, Bhopal. This lake is surrounded by exquisite greenery. Set against a background which will sooth your nerves with its calming atmosphere, the Sarangpani lake will offer you solitude. Also, check out the garden that surround this lake. You will have a great time wandering in here.
  • Shahpura Lake: Another beautiful lake of Bhopal, Shahpura Lake will mesmerize you the moment you witness it. This beautiful lake has long served as one of the major tourist attractions of Bhopal for years. Well managed and well-decorated, this lake along with the beautiful park surrounding it is something you should not miss on your Bhopal trip.
  • Mullah Sarovar: Located beside Baraktullah University, HabibGanj, this is another lake of Bhopal worth mentioning. Do visit this lake while you set your foot to discover the city of Bhopal.

The lakes serve as the central lifeline of the city of Bhopal. The Upper and Lower lakes provide exciting water sports that is famous throughout the country. Most of the lakes are well managed and all of them are much famous amongst tourists.

So, don’t wait up anymore! Pack your bags and check the hotels online. You will get substantial information on internet for hotel India Bhopal. Have a grand tour ahead in the Lake City of Madhya Pradesh! All the best to you!


What You Must Know Before Buying Snowboard Racks in Vancouver

Snowboarding is a common sport for those who live in places where winter offers enough snow for this fun sport. However, the snowboards have to be transported to the location where the sport is to be done. Several of these places are hillsides as well as other sloped areas,
making it very hard for ordinary cars to reach. The transportation of snowboards must be done using special snowboard racks. They are specially designed car racks that are mounted on trucks or rugged sports utility vehicles and they are specifically designed for carrying the snowboards.

Snowboard roof racks consist of two long bars fixed on both sides of the roof of the vehicle, and these are followed by 2 smaller bars mounted across the long bars to offer a support to secure the rack. Truck racks are normally located at the sides or the back of the truck. A few of these are
even able to carry 2 snowboards per rack.

A number of car dealerships provide a variety of truck racks as part of their products, making it easier for prospective truck owners who have more than a passing interest in this sport to obtain snowboard racks. You will find these racks in most places that sell truck accessories in Vancouver.

Besides the snowboard racks, you can also buy wall racks for storing your snowboards at home. It is quite essential to get a snowboard wall rack if you are a snowboarding enthusiast. Safety at home is very important, especially if you have young children. Besides creating space in your house, snowboard wall racks provide a safe stow-away place for your snowboards so that children who are too young to handle them are not able to reach them. Therefore, these wall racks  create space for your snowboards and ensure their safety and that of your children.

It is also essential that you ensure that your racks are in a good condition at all times. Nothing can be worse than a snowboard rack allowing your snowboard to fall in the tracks of an
oncoming car during transportation. It would be equally bad if your wall rack at home comes crashing down with the snowboards. While snowboards might be fun to use outside, they have the potential to cause injuries if not stored, handled or transported safely.

Therefore, to get the maximum advantage of your snowboarding experience, make sure your snowboard racks, car racks and wall/roof racks are kept in proper working order at all times. You can have your car repair shop look at the racks when you go for your regular car servicing to
ensure everything is all right.

If you are looking for quality yet affordable snowboard racks, talk to your friends, relatives and colleagues who have them. These people will guide you on where to get the racks and other truck accessories in Vancouver that you might be in need of. In this digital era, most shops have an online presence, so you can also get good deals on the Internet.


Enjoy Visiting The Top Most Tourist Attractions In Madrid

Madrid is a top most metropolitan city that offers a lot of attractive places to visit. This city is fully packed with beautiful parks, themes, museums and many other cultural attractions. These places offer the most exciting and fantastic atmosphere for the tourists to enjoy. The specialty of this city is fully buzzing with wonderful activities. The monuments and art museums will always keep the tourists to make busy and provides the endless array of fun and happiness. If you plan to visit this city during the vacation, you never miss to enjoy these top most madrid attractions in Madrid.

  1. Royal palace

The royal court is a Spanish version of Versailles that specially designed to attract the tourists.

  1. Prado museum

It is a truly world class museum that has a collection of more than 5, 000 paintings available. These collections usually cover the British, Italian, French, German and Flemish painting sculptures.

  1. Puerta del sol- The heart of the city

The Puerta del sol is also known as the Kilometer zero point, which cover distances on the entire Spanish national road.

  1. Archaeology museum

It is one of the most important museums in Madrid that has a rich collection of 19th century artifacts from the prehistoric times.

  1. Contemporary art museum

This museum is a wonderful surprise to the tourists that filled with high imaginative sculptures. This art works are fully displayed in different rooms that spread out in a wide exhibition space.

  1. Attractive religious art at the Basilica de San Francisco

This is a church designed by the Fray Francisco Cabezas who built the Santa Maria church. It contains interior features of a circular plan with an attractive dome and chapels.

  1. Decorative paintings and arts at Lazaro Galdiano museum

This museum shows the exceptional private collection of fiancier Lazaro Galdiano. Be sure to visit the 16th to 17th century Spanish paintings while visiting this museum.

  1. Amazing 17thcentury ambience at plaza mayor

This plaza mayor can be one of the most important gathering places in Madrid. It was built with several outdoor cafes that are most famous among the tourists.

  1. Refined relaxation at Buen Retiro Park

The Buen Retiro Park is an oasis of peace in the heart of Madrid. It is a great place for pleasant pastime.

  1. Fuentes de Cibeles

 It is a most famous fountain in Madrid. This attractive traffic stopping fountain is located nearby the most famous shopping streets, Gran Via.

Hire the best Madrid airport car hire services

When you visit Madrid, you should hire the best car rental services to travel anywhere in the city. Before arranging your Madrid trip, be sure to book the car rental services Madrid in advance. You can look for hiring the cheapest car rental in Madrid airport and then begin your adventure as fast as you land. Before you start a journey, you can reserve the madrid airport car hire companies and knowing their offers, friendly service and competitive rates. By using this service, you can make the most out of your valuable time in this capital. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the car hire services will help you in the best comfort and style.

Best staying places in Madrid

When you plan to visit Madrid, you should book the hotels in advance between the Retiro Park and Royal palace. It is a most convenient option for sightseeing, so most of the tourist attractions can look for the highly rated hotels in Madrid. Based on the tourists’ convenience, there are lots of luxuries, mid range and budget hotels available to choose.