What Channel Is Freeform On Spectrum?


Great things in life are free, and even greater things in life have the prefix ‘free’ in them – just like our favorite network Freeform. If you’re all about binge-watching wholesome TV shows, movies, and made-for-TV movies that take you back in time to much carefree days, then Freeform will become your favorite in zero to one!

Did you know? Binge-watching your favorite content can give you a nice burst of ‘happy’. According to a survey conducted by Netflix, around 61 percent of users prefer to binge-watch because they feel a dopamine rush by the time they’re done. In case you’re unfamiliar, dopamine is a feel-good chemical released by your brain. The same goes for when you’re watching a rerun of your favorite TV show or a movie.

Of course, we are totally not discouraging you from streaming your favorite classics on your favorite devices. However, if you happen to have the channel ‘Freeform’ on your Spectrum cable TV subscription then you’re about to get very lucky.

Freeform – A Cursory Overview of America’s Favorite Network

Freeform is the successor of the popular American network ABC Family. ABC believed that this world needed a separate TV network for the millennials. So, the team went to work and relaunched the existing TV network ABC Family as Freeform. The programming that airs on Freeform mostly consists of wholesome content. You know, the type of content that doesn’t make you question where you’re headed in life and – oh my God, is that a zit?

Other than that, Freeform also airs a lot of reruns. If you’re a fan of Family Guy, Black-ish, The Office, and other classic sitcoms, then Freeform can be your favorite TV channel. Plus, you’ll also find your favorite Disney shows and movies including Camp Rock, Phineas and Ferb movie, Descendants 2, High School Musical, and many other Disney classics. Whenever you’re in the mood to take a trip down the memory lane, then Freeform is the channel to tune into.

Spectrum Cable TV – Perfect Partner For Your TV

Spectrum cable TV has been a household name for as long as we can remember. For anyone seeking high-speed internet plans, feature-rich TV service, and of course, a phone to top it all off, Spectrum has been a prominent and reliable bet. Most people love Spectrum for its easy-to-understand approach in terms of pricing.

Spectrum cable TV is available with top-of-the-line plans. The TV service is anointed with the market’s best features, i.e. extensive number of popular broadcast networks, huge On Demand library, free HD programming, premium channels, packages for native Spanish speakers, and so much more.

The best thing about Spectrum TV is hands down the freedom of bundling it brings along. Of course, you can absolutely, and most definitely opt for Spectrum TV plan on its own. But, if you’re looking forward to enjoying additional perks, then subscribing to Spectrum bundles with Internet + TV combo is the way to go. You can even add the phone to the mix if you’re looking for a maximized value.

Let’s just assume that you’ve recently moved to a new address and you’re all set to bring home a new cable TV service. Allow us to give you the reasons why you should be considering Spectrum TV as your future cable service:

  • Substantial channel count i.e. SELECT comes with 125+ channels
  • Access to Entertainment, News, Sports, and a huge variety of programming via Spectrum On Demand
  • Market competitive prices – for standalone plans and bundles
  • Easy access to a wide array of premium networks, including HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, NFL Network, STARZ®, STARZ ENCORE®, and TMC®
  • Enjoy TV wherever you are, whenever you want, with Spectrum TV App

Does Spectrum TV Offer Freeform in its Channel Lineup?

Whether you opt for any of the Spectrum TV packages, one thing is for sure. Freeform is commonly available across all packages. As for channel number, there are a few additional steps that you might have to take care of. Don’t worry, we’ll take you through it all.

Which Channel is Freeform on Spectrum?

Often, the channel number of a network varies by your location. Yes, you’ve guessed it correctly, Freeform’s channel number is no different. You’ll have to either check the on-screen TV guide that comes with Spectrum TV, call Spectrum customer service representatives to find out the correct channel number, or you’ll have to go to Freeform network’s website, enter the ZIP code of your area and find out the channel number.

What To Watch on Freeform Network?

Freeform airs seasonal programming, especially during Halloween and holidays. The programming slot dedicated to Halloween movies and shows consists of spooky specials, including; Casper: A Spirited Beginning, The Haunting of Seacliff Inn, Lost Souls, The Addams, Family, When Good Ghouls Go Bad, etc.

During the holidays, Freeform dedicates its programming block ‘25 Days of Christmas’ to help everyone get in the holiday spirit. During this season, the channel airs reruns of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Pretty Little Liars, Chasing Life, Switched at Birth, Melissa, and Joey, and Baby Daddy.

Okay, these two were the programming blocks that Freeform resorts to during the fall. During the rest of the year, the channels air Funday Weekend, 30 Day of Disney, and Family Guy Fridays. Other than that, Freeform features a mix of live-action and animated movies from various film divisions including Walt Disney Studios, Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, 20th Century Studios, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, DreamWorks, and others.

Besides all of this, the Freeform network also airs original made-for-TV movies. These movies are targeted towards a slightly older audience. Curious to know which movies are we talking about? Let’s find out!

Original Freeform Movies That are a Must-See!

If you’re planning to spend your weekend without being bored, then here’s what you can do. Put your Spectrum internet connection to good use, and stream the following movies on your favorite devices. Or, tune into Freeform every weekend, and hope for any of these movies to be airing on TV:

  1. Night of the Twisters
  2. Holiday in Handcuffs
  3. Au Pair Trilogy
  4. Ice Angel
  5. Cyberbully
  6. Angry Angel
  7. The Truth About Christmas
  8. Life-Size 2
  9. Turkey Drop
  10. No Sleep ‘Til Christmas

Spectrum & Freeform – A Match Made in Entertainment Heaven!

So what are you waiting for? Make your weekends and your binge-watching nights all the more fun with Freeform on Spectrum TV. Be sure to check the availability of Spectrum services at your address first and bring home your favorite Spectrum bundle, today!

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