Most common problems in your surveillance camera footages!


Surveillance cameras are the best security solutions you could have for your home! They help you stay alert about any danger in your property. Also, you can keep an eye on your home and property even when you aren’t around. But the entire working concept of a surveillance camera depends upon the images and videos you get out of it. And if these turn out bad, you aren’t going to get the desired results. Are you interested in learning more about Technology? Visit our website for detailed articles and technology reviews.

Ø  Certain serious problems that may occur in your surveillance camera footage!

A surveillance camera costs you a good amount. And your expectation of the same is a lot too. But imagine if it doesn’t serve the purpose? Or the footages aren’t of any use to you because they are too distorted? Wouldn’t it become a deterrent to your security plans? You can simply avoid even the occurrence of such issues by installing the best quality surveillance camera from All round Security. They offer various solutions for your security needs that are of topmost quality. But if you fail to get your system from someone trustworthy, here is a list of the problems you may face (apart from wastage of money!):

o   Blurred images — One of the most common problems even in a new surveillance camera is getting blurred images as your footages. These may be due to faulty wirings or an issue in the main unit and thus can be treated only with the help of professionals.

o   White or only black images — Sometimes the footages that you receive from your surveillance cameras are only in white color or entirely in the black shade. Both issues aren’t welcome because such footage is of no use to you. This issue can be as simple as being an error in the setting or as complicated as trouble in the main camera itself.

o   Horizontal lines on your surveillance footages— Horizontal black lines showing in your footages make it really difficult to clearly identify the details in the video. This issue is often seen due to problems in lighting or because of electrical interference. While the lighting issue can be resolved by just changing the settings, the electrical problem needs a technician to be solved.

o   Flickering video footage — It’s a minor issue — but flickering footage can cost you lots sometimes. The main cause of these flickering yet irritating halts may be loose network or wire or fitting.  Most of the time it’s easy to fix by connecting everything properly to the right channels. But if the flickering persists, you’ll have to call the experts.

o   Bad quality night photos —

When your camera provides really dark images at night or there are no images at all, better adjust the settings of low light. Also, sometimes, you have to place the camera lenses in front of bright light (like – across the main door light). It helps the camera to get you a better picture even during the dark. But a consistent issue of low quality or dark images during night demands a call to the manufacturers immediately.

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We know all these issues seem very serious when you face them. But actually, they can be avoided if your system is handled by a good technician. And these may even not occur if you are choosing the surveillance camera brand and installer wisely! You may also look this website to get more information about Software’s and other technologies.

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