The Rules Of Progressive Overload

While there are several rules for creating effective strength training routines, progressive overload is considered by many to be the most crucial. In the case that you are a newbie to lifting and have no Idea What This Crucial Knowledge Is, We Will Attempt To Help You Out In This Post.

Defining Progressive Overload

In simple terms, progressive overload can be defined as doing more over the passage of time. It emphasizes the need to add new milestones to your routine as time goes on. For instance, lifting heavier weights as time goes on, increasing your reps, or making your workout sessions more productive.

The huge variance in people’s fitness levels when they first start their workout regimen makes giving a hard and fast rule about progressive overload challenging. For instance, it is not possible to tell everyone to add 15 pounds to their weight bar or perform 2 additional reps every week. The reason for this is that the initial fitness is unique to each person.

Progressive Overload Rules

The best bet is finding a good trainer or coach to aid your progress. However, in the case where you do not have access to a trainer, you can follow the rules of progressive overload highlighted below:

  • Begin With Anything You Can Perform Without Losing Precise Technical Form: Imagine that you are a newbie to a particular routine. You probably have just been inspired by online videos of weight lifters lifting huge weights (probably hundreds of pounds). This motivation may get you to see yourself as someone with superhuman strength. Visit to learn more.

You then proceed to attempt to lift the same weights you’ve seen online and something feels terrible in your joints, maybe causing a nasty injury. While this doesn’t imply that you are not made for that routine, it just means your approach is wrong. Don’t be focused on keeping up with others. Give yourself some time to grow into it. There’s nothing wrong with starting with what your body considers to be light.

  • Principles For Newbies:
  • The principles of progressive overload are quite different from lifting experts in comparison with newbies. These principles also differ between genders. For instance, it will be wrong to tell a female newbie to perform squat routines while adding 15 pounds to her lifting each week. The best thing is for her to commence with the squat routines only and then grow into lifting as time goes on. Rack pulls and bodyweight box squats should be the starting point for some newbies as they perform progressive distance routines only.
  • There Are Several Ways To Achieve Progressive Overload:

There are different ways in which you can practice progressive overload and here are a few of them:

  • Increase your motion range while lifting the same load you have been lifting previously.
  • While sticking to your current load, try improving your control and form. Also, work on using less effort.
  • Increase your volume or reps while sticking to your current load.
  • Increase your load
  • Reduce your rest time between sets while sticking to your current load.
  • Increase your acceleration and speed while lifting the same load.
  • Increase your routines within the same workout time.

In conclusion, always remember to start gently when practicing progressive overload and build up your routines over time.


Important points to consider while choosing a body care products manufacturer

If you want to start the cosmetics company, you have to do a lot of things. But the most important one is finding a manufacturing company which supplies the various body care products according to the need of your new company. The body care products manufacturers are proven to be very helpful for various brands as it takes care of the needs of the company and makes the products according to them. But you may get confused while choosing a good body care products manufacturer.

So, now we are going to discuss some points which you should keep in mind while choosing the body care product manufacturer. Some of them are as follows-

  • Can you get the formula of products- The major advantage of working with the body care products manufacturer is that you can easily get the body care products which are already made by the manufacturer. However, if your company or brand wants to do some more regarding the products then you should know that whether the product’s manufacturers provide the formula or not. Because if you own the formula then you can do changes in that formula and anybody else cannot do changes in that formula. This may prove to be very helpful for your company.
  • Ingredients of the body care products- While choosing a manufacturer, you should check what they are using to make the body care products. Because in many countries, the use of many ingredients in the body care products prohibited. So, it is necessary to check the ingredients used in the body care products which you are going to sell.
  • Quality of raw materials- Along with the checking of the ingredients that whether they are safe to use or not, you should also know about the raw materials used in the manufacturing of the body care products that where they come from and their quality is good or not. Because according to this you have to decide the prices of the products which you are going to sell.
  • Certifications- You should ask the manufacturer about the certifications of their products. As many products come with some certification such as natural, cruelty-free, etc. So, you should know about the certification so that you can put these certifications on the label of your products.
  • MOQ (minimum order quantities)- You should know about the minimum order quantity of the body care products manufacturer because it will help you in preventing the wastage of products if the sale is less. You should choose the manufacturer which is having the lesser minimum order quantity because it can save your money and products.

All these above-given are some of the important points which you should keep in mind while choosing a body product manufacturer. If you choose the body care products manufacturer by keeping all of these points in your mind then you can easily choose a good body care product manufacturer. This will also help you in starting up your business and in making it successful.


Are You Covered For Transplants?

Medical science has advanced significantly in the last few years to change the quality as well as expectancy of life. A milestone achievement in medical sciences is the transplantation of organs from one body to another to save lives. It is now increasingly heard how a person’s life is being saved by transplanting organs like kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, etc.

While the number of organ transplantations is increasing; it must also be realized that it is a complicated process that has a considerable cost attached to it. Foremost, the process involves two complex surgeries. One is of the organ donor, and the other is of the organ recipient. Before transplantation can take place, several tests are conducted to decide whether the donor and recipient are compatible with organ transplantation. There is plenty of post-medical care required afterward as well.

The scenario gives you an insight into the mammoth cost involved in the entire procedure. In India, the organ transplantation is considered under critical illness. Depending on the organ to be transplanted, the total cost of the procedure can fall from anything between Rs.5 lakhs and Rs.30 lakhs. The value can even shoot up higher depending upon the health of the parties involved.

Due to the extremely high cost involved, many insurance providers are reluctant to cover it under the health policy offered by them. They cover the recipient’s expenses but not the donor’s as he does not fall under any illness bracket. However, some insurance providers do offer coverage to policyholders on donor’s costs as well but with conditions and limitations. Few worth mentioning names in this regard are HDFC Ergo, Religare, Apollo Munich, Max Bupa, and Bharti AXA.

Medical expenses incurred from an organ donor’s perspective

Most health policies provide comprehensive coverage to the organ recipient. However, the organ donor remains at stake as he cannot showcase any pre-existing disease for which the surgery is carried out. Thus, let’s throw light on the medical expenses from a donor’s perspective. There are six types of medical costs involved here. They are:

  • Fees for tests for screening the organ for compatibility.
  • The pre-hospitalization cost in which the donor has to undergo all required tests and medications before he is hospitalized.
  • Certain costs need to be incurred post hospitalization of the donor like room rent, nursing cost, etc.
  • The cost of actual organ transplantation surgery and fees of the surgeon.
  • Post-surgery recovery where complication chances are quite high. Thus, donor almost inevitably has to overstay in the hospital with increased medicines and recovery cost.
  • The final expense is the post-hospitalization cost of the donor like follow-up checkups, medication, etc.

Presently, no insurance company in India bears the pre and post hospitalization costs of the donor. They also do not bear any cost of post-surgery complications and recovery.

Selecting the right policy covering organ transplants .

Generally, the insurance policy restricts to an ad-hoc amount that can be a certain percentage of sum assured or a specified amount. The table below can give you a great insight.


Buying the right policy can undoubtedly limit your anxiety.

The critical illness policy offered by HDFC Ergo differs from its conventional indemnity Health Insurance Plan. Here, as soon as you are diagnosed with organ transplantation, you will receive the amount equivalent to your sum insured from the insurance provider. You can put this money to any use. It becomes highly advantageous when you have a regular health insurance plan as well. Your hospitalization cost and other costs can be well taken care of by your regular medical insurance and post it; the critical illness policy would fund the remaining deficit. Finally, both the recipient and the donor would get covered with an extremely light burden on their pockets. It makes the entire deal sweet. The fact that the premium amount is always pocket-friendly eliminates your concerns for not opting for the policy.

Final Words

Organs have a vital role to play in our body. With organ transplantation fast becoming the norm of the day; it is advisable to buy an insurance plan that helps you afford its enormous cost without you going down the drain. However, you must be aware of the details of the policy before you commit to it.


Is Healthy Dry Dog Food the Best Food for Large Breeds

Canine owners often face the dilemma of whether to give wet or dry dog food to their large breed dogs like Saint Bernard, Great Dane, Mastiff, Scottish Deerhound, etc. These dogs need plenty of exercise and food to stay healthy and fit. Though these dogs are majestic and make you a proud owner of them, you need to take good care of them too. This is where food plays an integral role, and you should ensure that your dog gets the best dog food for its optimal growth.

Healthy dry dog food and its role in helping your large breed dog to grow

Note your loyal big buddy has very special nutritional needs from his smaller peers. You will find several healthy dry dog food brands in the market for his nutrition. The biggest advantage of dry dog food is you can keep the food in the open for your dog to eat whenever he wants. Dry dog food is easy to carry, and you do not need to worry about it getting spoiled when you are outside. Moreover, it is easy for you to store dry dog food for your large buddy as you can keep in a cool place inside the original bag without the fear of drastic changes in smell and taste.

Certain feeding tips for your large breed dog

When you bring home a puppy of a large breed, you often risk the dangers of overfeeding him. This causes pain in the joints and can pose serious health issues. It is here that you need to consult your vet as you might need to switch to adult food early in his growth.  When it comes to the number of feeds and supplements your large breed dog needs, you need to consult your vet. The food that is made for a large breed dog will contain essential nutrients to promote good joint health as well as essential fatty acids.

Besides food, your large breed dog needs a lot of space to grow, so ensure that he stays in a large area with many toys to keep engaged. Like all dogs, large breed dogs need exercise, or else they will become obese. Note your large breed dog is very powerful and tough. This means you need to give him sturdy toys to play with. Besides toys, you should ensure that his bed and feeding bowls are big enough so that he does not face any problems when it comes to eating food.

Make sure your dog is given healthy dry dog food as per age. If you have a puppy or a senior dog at home with digestion issues, your vet might recommend wet dog food so that it can chew the food easily. However, if you have a healthy adult dog, dry dog food helps him or her to chew properly and remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth. The food helps your dog to become healthy and strong. It looks majestic and remains happy being your loyal companion for life!


The Benefits of Exercise to Your Mental Well-Being

Exercise has many benefits, however, we often don’t consider how it can impact our mental well being. So, let’s discuss how workouts can enhance your mental health.

Alleviate Depression & Anxiety Symptoms

Exercise has been proven to reduce symptoms of depression, help in the management of anxiety, to improve body-image and generally enhance your mood, says Gold Coast Psychologist, Dr Mark Bartholomew.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, a chemical that your nervous system produces to make you feel happy. You only have to do a few moderate exercise sessions throughout the week for the rise in endorphin levels to have a positive effect on your anxiety and depression symptoms.

This fantastic yet straightforward benefit of exercising is precisely why many doctors recommend it to their patients before they prescribe medications.

Brain Performance Boost

Did you know that neurogenesis, the process of new brain cell development, is linked with cardiovascular exercises?

Your brain is capable of creating new neurons and strengthening the connection between your brain cells when you exercise so that you can expect an overall brain performance improvement.

Even if you do not commit to a full, taxing exercising regime, simple exercises every other day can prevent cognitive decline too!

Many also report feeling more inspired post-exercising. This is because the brain performance boost also extends to learning capability, mental energy and creativity!

So, the next time you need a big idea, some jogging activities might be what you need.

Improved Confidence & Self-Esteem

It’s common knowledge that exercising can improve your physique, increase your muscle tone and decrease your body weight.

For many of us, this physical change can increase our overall confidence. When you look better, you will often feel better and this boost to your confidence, will help you to face more obstacles in your daily life head-on.

Feel More Relaxed

When you exercise, your heart beats faster to circulate blood around your body. Your body’s temperature will rise, and you will start to feel more relaxed as you cool down.

The drop in your body temperature signals your body to sleep, which is why you can fall asleep quickly after working out!

If you have always had trouble falling asleep, try exercising an hour or two before you intend to head to sleep. You might find that it is much easier to fall and stay asleep throughout the whole night with just a little bit of exercise!

Overcome PTSD & Trauma

An immobilisation stress response often characterises PTSD and trauma. When you stay mindful while exercising, you pay attention to the sensations in your body – your muscles, your joints, how your breath travels through the body and more.

Your nervous system is a lot more flexible and prone to changes than you think. Keeping up with these exercise routines and practising a new thinking concept can rewire your brain to help you move on from the past and stay focused on the present.

Yoga, in particular, focuses on mindfulness, requiring you to focus on your body movement, sense of balance and breathing among other sensations. As you practice yoga more and more, you might find that you can overcome the symptoms of PTSD and trauma.

Image Pexels License CCO

Health Reviews Provides You with Warning Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water


Drinking plenty of water every day is essential to stay healthy and fit. Water cleanses your entire system and improves the functions of all your tissues. Not drinking enough water can lead to illness and lifelong problems. Reviews believes that we all should watch out for the signs that signal our body needs more hydration.

The Signs

Here are some signs that indicate you need to drink more water:

  1. Your pee is very yellow – If your urine is clear or pale yellow, then you are fine. But if it is dark yellow or brown, then it is an indicator that your body definitely needs more water. Sometimes, it is also accompanied by a certain uneasiness or a burning sensation in discharging urine; which means you must intake lots of water urgently.
  2. Digestive system disorders – If you are experiencing a bloating feeling, acidity, or indigestion; it could all be indicators of low water intake. Since your digestive system requires water to churn the food and filter it so that it can get absorbed by the body, low water intake slows down the process of digestion leading to many such complications. It also affects your metabolism rate which in turn affects the overall health. Constipation is also a result of low water intake. Water dilutes the stomach acid. So, in the absence of it, you could suffer from acute acidity.
  3. Dizziness – Dizziness is caused by several factors, but dehydration is also one of the reasons that cause it. Rapid, fluttering heartbeats are also caused by low water levels in the body. It can make your mouth dry and hurt your muscles and joints because there is not enough water to lubricate them.
  4. Your breath stinks – When you are dehydrated, your body is incapable of producing enough saliva. Saliva protects the teeth from the harmful bacteria. In the absence of enough saliva, the bacteria get a chance to flourish causing bad breath and tooth decay. So, if you feel your breath stinks, it is time to drink that glass of water.
  5. Lethargy and tiredness – In the absence of enough water, the body is forced to slow down in order to conserve energy and resources. This makes you feel tired, sleepy, and lethargic. Since 70% of the brain is made up of water, the function of the brain slows down in the absence of adequate water resulting in poor concentration or understanding. The skin tends to get dry and lips are always chapped if you are not drinking enough water. Remember, even sportsmen carry a bottle of water in the field for that extra instant energy.

Conclusion Reviews believes that if we don’t drink enough water every day, we can severely deteriorate our health. Ninety percent of the diseases can’t touch your body if you are taking adequate water. So, remember to drink lots of fresh clean water to replenish your body and function in a healthy manner.


Mark Roemer Explores How to Make Money from Freelance Work


Freelancing is a fantastic way to make a living or earn a lot of money. You just need to have the skills and talents to manage your work schedule on your own and be good at the services that you are offering. With the advent of the Internet, the opportunity for earning money as a freelancer has increased considerably. According to Mark Roemer, approximately 10.3 million Americans work as a freelancer and this number is expected to increase significantly in the near future. But before you start freelancing you must hone your skills so that you can defeat the competition and maintain a good rating.

The Ways

Here are some ways to make money by doing freelance work:

  1. Becoming an online tutor – You can be an online tutor if you have a good educational background. It is a great way to earn a huge amount of money by sharing your knowledge with young minds. There can be no better job than sharing your ideas with others about what you know and earning handsome money in return. Online tutors charge on a per hour basis for various subjects such as English, German, French, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc. You can select the subject as per your expertise. Nowadays, you can partner up with a lot of websites that can help you to get more and more students.
  2. Content writing and editing – You can also become a writer or an editor if you are good at writing and have a good grasp of grammar. There are a number of websites with openings for freelance content writers and editors. Generally, a content writer charges on a per word basis or per article basis. There remains a general agreement between the client and writer and you can decide how you want to accept your work and what your charges will be.
  3. Starting your own blog – Another great way to earn money as a freelancer is to start your own blog. Writing a blog actually gives you a platform to write and express your ideas and share your knowledge with others. The good thing is that you can have your audience from all over the world. Apart from that, there is another great option for the blogger to earn money just by selling ads or banner space to any online advertiser.
  4. Affiliate marketing – There is another excellent option to earn money online as a freelancer and that is by affiliate marketing. If you own a blog or website or YouTube channel you can have a lot of opportunities for affiliate marketing. There are various types of websites such as Amazon, Shareasale, and many other websites that have trusted affiliate marketing programs that you can take part in and you can earn a lot of money by providing their ads on your website.
  5. Freelance Graphic Designer – If you have a good eye for creativity and know how to use popular graph designing software such as Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, CorelDraw, etc. you can easily become a freelance graphic designer and earn a lot of money by designing graphics such as logos, business cards, banners, etc. for many clients.


Mark Roemer believes that whether you work as a freelancer or an employee, as long as you love your work and stay committed to it, you will achieve great progress and climb the ladder of success.


Matthew Davies Discusses Things You Should Never Do at the Gym


Fitness mandates discipline, persistence, and dedication that helps you get into your desired shape for a healthy and confident lifestyle. However, there are a few people who can ruin the gym experience for both themselves and their peers. Matthew Davies discusses some of the unspoken rules that can help you from annoying your fellow fitness freaks at the gym.

The Rules

  1. Unsolicited advice is frowned upon – You don’t want to be the guy that goes up to the others to share knowledge with random strangers at the gym. If no one asked for it, you may tick someone the wrong way. If it’s in the middle of their routine it can also be quite distracting and ruin their posture or intensity. Moreover, everyone may not be open to suggestions and have a detailed plan of their own.

Things get really awkward of the person giving advice is in worse shape than the person on the receiving end of it. It may attract frowns and eye rolls from not just one person, but the whole gym.

  1. More HIITs and fewer tweets – Your phone is one of the most advanced inventions that show human ingenuity and has affected millions of lives throughout the planet. But it has extremely limited use when you are at the gym. Other than streaming your music via earphones or reminding you of the present day’s workout routine, it doesn’t have much use.

When you spend most of your time browsing through social media instead of working on your fitness while at the gym, it can distract other people as well. Moreover, you lose workout intensity and get fewer benefits out of your expensive gym membership. Just turn on “Do not Disturb” mode on your phone so that you can make the most of your time at the gym.

  1. Carry a sanitizing liquid – Before you use any bench or mat at the gym, don’t forget to give it a good wipe after spraying some sanitizing liquid. Sweat is as common as air at any gym and many people may not be kind enough to clean mats and benches after using them. Don’t forget to do your part either and clean the bench and mats after use.
  1. Stay away from personal spaces – Personal Space is extremely important at the gym. Not just for social norms and etiquettes, but safety as well. You need to stay away from the personal spaces of other gym members while they are lifting weights or doing exercises. If you are too close you may injure others or yourself.


Gyms are like libraries or any other public space where you dedicate yourself to becoming a better version of yourself. Matthew Davies suggests that you respect the unspoken rules of these places so that you can get the most out of that place while not getting in the way of others. These fundamental rules are just as important as advanced diets and exercise plans since they make for a respectful and safe gym environment.


Handy Provides You with Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat in a Month


A slim waistline is desired by both genders but shedding that belly fat in a short period of time is nothing short of a challenge. Handy believes that when you set a goal of losing belly fat quickly within a month, you shouldn’t give in to the tempting myth of “spot reduction. Hundreds of crunches a day would make your ab muscles incredibly strong but won’t burn off the belly fat. Fat is lost through all parts of your body and thus, you need to lose weight to shed those pounds at your belly

The Exercises

Here are some exercises that will help you lose belly fat in a month:

  1. Intermittent fasting – Your body tries very hard to hang on to fat and intermittent fasting tries to change that. It is a different way of eating where you are either in a “fasted” state and “fed” state. When you are in a fed state your insulin levels stay high, but in a fasted state, your insulin level goes down and the body uses reserves of fat.

The Catch? Well, it takes a while to get into that fasted state, around 8 to 12 hours after our last meal. However, as research shows it does bring results if you just make this change and nothing else to your exercise routine. Some studies show that fasting may even decrease the risks of cancer or cardiovascular disease.

  1. HIIT three days a week – HIIT or High-intensity interval training combines high-intensity intervals with moderate intensity intervals. It is a more effective form of cardio where you bully your body for tapping into your fat reserves instead of conserving it. Some studies even show that people in the HIIT regimen lost around 9 times fatter than those who indulged in moderate cardio at a constant pace.

But bullying your body isn’t an easy job. You can’t slack off on bicep curls while you check up on Twitter, running around a curve can’t be slowed down and there is no such thing as slow pedaling. Yes, it isn’t going to be strawberries and rainbows, but will reward you with a slimmer tummy and reduced body fat percentage.

  1. Strength Training – Having fat or muscle is a vicious cycle. People with more muscle mass naturally burn more calories while more fat means lower calories burned. With strength training, you should focus on building your muscles. It would burn more fat and you would be surprised as your fat burns off slowly to reveal the muscles underneath.


It also makes you feel better and gives you confidence naturally. You can opt to go to the gym, do bodyweight exercises, or just set up a small home gym with your own setup.

Now that you know the secrets to quickly lose fat, you should make a routine, diet plan, and stick to it while being honest with yourself. Handy believes that you should also keep yourself accountable to someone else to increase the stakes. Follow all the steps so that you can get a narrow down your waist within a month.


Ways to Make Yourself Become More Physically Attractive

It’s important to first note that physical attraction is entirely subjective. Some may try to explain physical attraction with quantifiable concepts (like symmetry of the face), or beauty trends (like a super puffy pout), but the truth is that physical attraction isn’t the product of a single look. While there are extreme options available to augment appearance through surgeries, and these surgeries are priceless for their ability to help heal victims of accidents and those who wish or need to change certain birth defects, most of us are blessed with functioning bodies, and all of these bodies are uniquely beautiful!

That being said, I can still totally understand wanting to do some self-sprucing up, wanting to look our personal best, and wanting to feel confident and attractive. Sometimes there’s even an excitement and empowerment that comes along with the resolution to make positive changes for ourselves, and in my experience, that is one serious, natural, happy addiction.

When we feel better, we look better. So, naturally, a lot of what we can do to make ourselves become more physically attractive has to do with taking care of ourselves. Our mood and perspective are even bigger influencers on our “level of attraction” than the physical attributes that we feel self-conscious about. It’s no coincidence that wellness and the health and beauty markets are all expanding at record-setting rates. Note the rise in mental health awareness, increased therapy attendance, more holistic ideologies in the mainstream, and even a push towards organic and cleaner foods and food sources that have successfully altered grocery shopping and public dining experiences.

Our society is collectively making the act of taking care of our bodies and minds a priority again, and these steps towards wellness have a major impact on our physical appearance—for the way better.


The three fastest, easiest, most prevalent tips for increasing physical attractiveness are: drink enough water, get enough sleep, and decrease junk food intake. Everything from the shininess of our hair to the amount of acne on our skin revolves around these three major habits. Our bodies are truly excellent at ridding themselves of toxins that can cause hundreds of negative physical effects, from sluggishness to wrinkles. Since we generally associate looking physically attractive with looking healthy and fresh (in whatever style that may be), the way we care for our bodies makes a difference.

Maintaining or rejuvenating a youthful glow and a radiant complexion, for example, depend primarily on the three tips above: eating greasy junk food helps clog pores and bloat us; not sleeping enough creates a dull tone and discoloration, especially around the eyes; and sticking to sugary drinks and avoiding water is also bad for our external and internal system, as sugar can wreak havoc on our diet and skin, while water is critical for processing and removing toxins of all kinds from the body.

There’s a reason why the top recommendations for getting better when we are ill is to drink water and get rest, too. If you are struggling with your sleep patterns, trying relaxation techniques or a calming sleep mask.


Choosing to treat our bodies well, nourish them with enough vitamins and healthy energy, and to give them the tools they need to function at peak performance will certainly make us more physically attractive. Eliminating other habits that influence our appearance, like smoking and drinking, is also a fail-safe way to look more attractive—not due to any personal judgment about the habits, but simply because these things age us prematurely and make it exceedingly harder for our bodies to do their ‘thang.

We can also bump up the heat by sticking to a regular exercise regimen. Even if you start small, you will be fully guaranteed to feel a difference in your physical and mental health. Maybe you’re not at a place right now where you can dedicate an hour a day to the gym, but don’t let that convince you that even a small effort won’t help. Our bodies are designed for movement, and when we engage with those natural aspects of who we are, we feel more sexy, confident, and capable. As mentioned much earlier, mood and perspective outweigh whatever shortcomings we think we have physically; a confident attitude is like a whole new skin.


You can do small things throughout your day to help improve this confidence. For one, make it a point to check in with yourself about your posture every 30 minutes or so. If you are sitting at a desk a lot, be sure that you are avoiding hunching; stretch your chest muscles and draw your shoulders away from your ears. Are you still sitting in this relatively upright position by the next 30-minute check?

The same little mental game can be played to help better our standing posture, as well. When we slouch or round our backs, we look less lean, less confident, and less attractive. These humps and bumps can even become obvious and permanent in time, so practice standing up tall. A cliché phrase like “he wears his look so well” exists as a product of good, confident interactions and posture, no matter what. Most of us can remember meeting someone and being inspired by their shameless individuality, and we find them attractive no matter what; everyone has access to this superpower, but some of us may have to build it with effort over time, and for others, it may come more naturally.

If you need help jump-starting your inner-confidence and self-belief, don’t forget to treat yourself. Get a professional haircut (not necessarily a wild or life-changing one but a well-polished one that makes you feel like yourself). Wear clothing that makes you feel good! Whether it’s hand-me-downs, a shopping spree, or mixing and matching your current wardrobe differently, try to wear something you feel physically attractive in. You can also de-stress with a massage or while trying a fun face or hair mask.

General hygiene is another key area to give regular practice and attention to. Maintain your oral cleanliness by brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash if necessary. Clean your body often, wash your hair as often as necessary depending on style and texture, and wear a complimentary deodorant.

Groom your facial hair, including eyebrows. If you really want to step up your game, adapt a great skincare routine, and no matter what, moisturize. Ashy, dull-looking skin will be helped through water intake but harmed by regular water exposure, so our bodies can still often use some hydrating help. This is especially true in colder and drier environments. You can also buff away any unwanted stretch marks while you moisturize through the use of a great stretch mark cream.

Most of all, practice being your biggest friend and fan. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally like you would someone you truly love and care for, and you will be looking smokin’ hot in no time!

Resources: StyleCraze, Cosmopolitan